Can Someone Get It Right?

Glenn Beck?
Maybe he’s getting it right. September 11th will definitely go down as a terrible day in recent U.S. history. But even after we watched in horror that day would pass and we would move onto the healing process.
I remember that I hugged my kids tighter and longer, I smiled at my neighbors and I reveled in the Americanism. We were suddenly proud to be Americans. I’ve always been proud even as I traveled overseas.
This country is great and even if the political system lets us down we rebound. Because that is what we do. Recently, during this last election cycle I was asked, quite nastily, what party was I? I replied, I’m American!
It was at that point I realized we just might be headed down the wrong path as a country. We were suddenly thrust into being on either the left or the right when we should be in this together. We should want our schools to succeed, our economy to succeed and our country to succeed. We all benefit, period.
It makes me sad to see people in our own country root against us. It makes me sad to see our military looked down on. Shame on you.
The most honorable, brave and perhaps the most patriotic people in this country are the military. They get it, they see it and they live it.
This country is still that “Beacon of Shining Light,” more people continually try to immigrate both legally and illegally across the southern border. If France is such a great place, why aren’t their borders getting beaten down? Probably because dreams are not realized?
It is time for Americans to start acting like Americans. The time has come to stand up and show our kids that we care about our country and want to leave it to them in good shape – not in debt to their eyeballs.
We can stop the insanity by coming together as Americans and saying NO! If I can’t pay for it, I can’t get it. Does ANYBODY in Washington get the fact that we need to cutback in tough times? Why do they get to live the high life, while we buckle down and live within our means?
I know we need to help those in need, but a free ride isn’t what I signed up for. I don’t have a problem helping those with their mortgages right now, if they want to pay for it on the back end by adding 1,5,10 years of payments. That seems fair. But bailing out people who failed to use common sense when they bought a home they couldn’t afford, isn’t right.
But what about those greedy Bankers and Realtors? They forced these sales? I ask you this, the local drug dealer is offering you some really good drugs to make the pain go away, do you take them? Or do you use your common sense and say, NO WAY!
I’m pretty sure the U.S. Constitution doesn’t say “Let’s reward bad and irresponsible behavior.” I’m also pretty sure the Founding Fathers had something different in mind when it came to individual rights. But that’s just me…

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