Where’s The Truth?


I read this letter from a obviously upset AIG employee. I truly wonder where the mainstream media has been on this one. I had no idea that many of these people have been working for $1 per year. This letter, which was posted by the New York Times, gives a different story. Many people are unaware that failed companies like Fannie and Freddy Mac have paid out far more in bonuses. Where was the public outcry? Possibly the many Democratic and Republican politicians who received campaign funds were quick to cover their tracks.

This country is headed down a dangerous path. All one has to do is reread the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and snippets from our founding fathers.

Like many Americans I’m mad about what is going on in Washington. It’s time to wake up and make some noise before we let Washington politicians make all the decisions. And let’s face it they’ve made some bad ones in the last 25 years. They need to remember that they work for us. We hired them and we should be able to fire them if they make mistakes with our futures. I’m pretty sure that’s what would happen to us if we ran a business into the ground.

I know it is hard to think about what little people can do. We are all busy, but let’s send a tea bag tag to the White House this April. Most of us have an old one around the house to mail in, while we can still afford the postage stamp. It’s something little, but I think Washington might think twice about recklessly spending our tax dollars.

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