Biased News Coverage of Tea Parties

A local newspaper in my town shockingly wrote a negative op/ed piece on the Tea Parties. Well, to be fair, they are a newspaper so I wasn’t really shocked, but I responded. At the end of my mini-rant you will find a link to the story.

Wow, I’m not sure Mr. Riehl attended the same 4,000 to 5,000 group at the Oceanside Tax Day Tea Party. This wasn’t a group of professional protestors, the majority were self-professed rookies. This group wanted to voice their dissatisfaction of HOW their taxes were being spent. Most of these attendees work and accredit themselves as the silent majority. If you went to this event you would see that these tax-paying people are tired of doing the right thing, paying mortgages, taxes, bills and seeing entitlements are on the rise. Why continue doing the right thing if you are going to get nothing from it. These people are already paying towards their social security benefits that Mr. Reihl claims they will all accepting in their golden years. Even though there is much debate if enough money will be there to pay seniors in 20 to 30 years. I feel your paper’s opinion piece misses the point of this grassroot cause and as we all see across the country newspapers are unable to sell their papers. Bankruptcy and loss revenues will continue to plague News organizations if they don’t listen to what consumers really want. Just the facts or as I knew it in Journalism 101!

Here’s the story”>

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