Driving Into Chaos

By Kimberly Dvorak

San Diego – Driving in Southern California on any given day can be a minefield. Throw in unlicensed drivers and you have a recipe for chaos.

Illegal aliens find themselves in a catch 22 when they attempt to navigate the highways. What are Californians’ to do? Escondido police Chief Jim Maher believes the Department of Motor Vehicles should give those living in the shadows a driver’s license.

He contends that at the very least they would be required to read the traffic signs, pass a state driving test and procure insurance.

Sounds great.

Except proponents like Federation for American Immigration Reform F.A.I.R argue issuing state identification rewards breaking the law and doesn’t keep anyone from canceling the insurance coverage the very next day.

Currently the U.S. government only employs the U.S. passport as a universal identification document. However, many Americans never obtain a passport, leaving drivers licenses as their sole identification method.

This leaves many in a state of influx and perplexed about the growing concern when it comes to protecting Americans in a post 9/11 world.

All of the 9/11 hijackers had a drivers license. All made it through airport security. All were able to find residences with their driver’s licenses as identification.

This tactic of giving those living in the country illegally drivers licenses cost former California Gov. Gray Davis his job. Shortly after he signed the bill into law, a massive recall effort for Davis ensued and he lost his job.

After the 9/11 Commission Report came out, politicians in Washington jumped on board to pass the Real ID Act in early 2005.

The Real ID Act provisions established national standards for the issuance of driver’s licenses and barred people living in the country illegally from obtaining an ID that could be used to say, vote, drive or enroll in flight school.

Other groups that would be barred from obtaining a license are people with ties to terrorist organizations and political asylum immigrants. The Real ID Act also determined it was essential for the completion of the border security fence.

There is no doubt that the immigration issue in this country is in a quagmire. Moving forward is going to be contentious with sides being taken. But there will be a debate later this year and it would behoove all citizens to study what the ramifications will be for this national reform issue. Americans need to examine how this will impact their daily lives.

Commencing in June Congress will take up the discussion of the Real ID Act. This Homeland security issue will be put on the floor in a different form for the politicians to vote on.

Now that the numbers have shifted in Congress, a new bill known as the PASS ID Act is floating around. This bill would roll back all the security improvements made since 2005.

According to some Congress members this new bill will pave the way for granting a general amnesty to illegal aliens. After reading the draft version of the new bill, one can see it will force all states to issue drivers licenses to all illegal aliens.

Do we really want to make it easier for potential terrorists to integrate into our country again?

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