Tax Hike Anyone? California Voters Head to the Polls

San Diego – A number of concerned voters will head to the polling station tomorrow to vote for a tax hike, however the latest poll numbers have five of the six going down in flames.

Usually state politicians would be out front in promoting these new propositions, but with the state legislature garnering only a 14 percent approval rating and the governor’s 33 percent approval rating these propositions lack a strong voice.

At this weekend’s get-out-the-vote rally in Spanish Landing Park hundreds chanted “No more taxes.” One of the organizers of the event, Leslie Eastman, a stay at home mom said, “I’m tired of the politicians raising my taxes.”

Eastman and two other moms started the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition in order to have their say in state politics. “I just wanted to voice my opinion and give others the opportunity to speak out against these ridiculous tax burdens placed on our families.”

The main focus of this rally was to enlighten the voters on the upcoming election. “Let me be perfectly clear, proposition 1A has nothing to do with a spending cap,” Richard Rider of San Diego Tax Fighters said. “This government is just as dishonest as when they tried to pass the balanced budget act in 2004.”

Rider explained there are many ways for a state government to save money. “They just need to change the way they deliver their services.”

Some examples Rider pointed out included saving money on printing costs. “Often large jobs receive big discounts; the in house cost is 5 cents per copy. However, if the government sends the printing jobs out they would only pay 1 cent per copy. This simple formula saves taxpayer money.”

Another big saving idea comes with city-owned vehicles. “Right now the city pays $8,700 per car for maintenance each year. This is simply outrageous,” Rider slammed. “We need to provide the adult supervision to change these outrageous expenditures.”

Rider’s watchdog group also contends that if the city and state simply contracted out services such as library, prisons or DMVs the taxpayer would save millions of dollars per year. “Outside vendors are capable of running businesses much more efficiency.”

However, the biggest proponent to privatization is the unions. They have created a strangle hold on most government agencies. “It’s hard to get these people to vote themselves out of a job,” Rider stated.

This has sparked many Californians to get good and mad. “We all have to shout out for conservatism and more importantly localism,” Eastman said.

Another big spending issue that outrages many taxpayers is the pension’s local, state and federal employees receive. “These government workers receive anywhere from 120-140 percent of their highest paid income year. Most average folks don’t realize working for the government has its perks,” Rider explained. “Not only are they getting these great pensions, but they are making approximately 30 percent more per government job over an equivalent private sector position.”

“It is the civic responsibility of every American to stand in defense of their communities when foreclosures are rampant, business doors are closing all over the nation and people are threatened with keeping less of their money,” Tommy Chandler said. “The Tea Party is our stand.”

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