Californians just say No

Californians just say NO

By Kimberly Dvorak

San Diego – Californians just said no; No to Sacramento’s bungling of the state’s revenue, no to higher taxes and no to business as usual in California.

A title wave is headed to the shores of the golden state. However, the wave is a $21.3 billion deficit. The years of over spending met their fate yesterday with a thumping at the voting booths. All five of the budget related propositions 1A-E was voted down by a 2-1 margin. The only measure to pass was the feel good proposition 1F of no pay increases for legislators during a deficit spending year.

“It was a very good day for California,” quips Dr. Gary Gonsalves of Stop Taxing Us. “The voters told the legislature to start cutting up the credit cards, you will charge no more.”

“That was the cut waste exclamation point tax reform groups needed,” said Ted Hilton of the Taxpayers Revolution. “The vote yesterday will increase momentum for the 2010 ballot initiative California Taxpayer Protection Act of 2010.”

This initiative will save taxpayers upwards of $1 billion a year in the CalWORKs cases by eliminating benefits for children of illegal aliens which are not mandated by federal law.

“The voters are fed up with government overall and yesterday’s vote reflects their frustration with a state capitol that clearly lacks creditability,” U.S. Rep Brian Bilbray, R- Calif. said. “The people of California have sent a clear signal to the lawmakers.”

A statement from the Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger office read, “We have heard from the voters and I respect the people who are frustrated with the dysfunction in our budget system. We must now move forward.”

The governor promises to make cuts across the board, including a proposed release of prisoners. Congressman Bilbray doesn’t envy the tough choices the governor has to make. “When I was a mayor, I had to make similar choices. Going forward I don’t blame Schwarzenegger’s choices, he has to bring California together financially.”

California’s budget stalemate began earlier this year. The Sacramento lawmakers were all but locked into discussions by the governor in round the clock negotiations. The end result was a tax increase on three fronts; 1 percent increase in sales tax, income tax increase and the vehicle registration tax hike.

The two thirds vote garnered only six republican lawmakers in favor of tax hikes. In an attempt to shrug off continued cuts in California’s public spending the governor tried to let the people decide. They decided.

The 2010 budget crisis isn’t just a California problem. It has been reported that 44 states face a combined deficit of $121 billion. Still California faces the lion share of the problem with a predicted $42 billion deficit heading into 2010.

It’s clear the recent tax day tea parties are gaining more traction than the national press has reported. “For those who thought these tea parties were just complaints, it’s clear Californian’s feel otherwise,” Hilton explained.

Now that the voters have spoken grassroots organizations like Stop Taxing Us will grow, recruit and promote their philosophies. “We will continue to let people know we are on their side,” Gonsalves said.

The results:

Prop 1A – Yes 34 percent – No 65 percent
Prop 1B – Yes 37 percent – No 62 percent
Prop 1C – Yes 35 percent – No 64 percent
Prop 1D – Yes 34 percent – No 65 percent
Prop 1E – Yes 33 percent – No 66 percent
Prop 1F – Yes 73 percent – No 26 percent

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