Democrats try to capitalize on their political clout for 2010

San Diego – In an effort to cash in on a popular president, democrats are parlaying their money into unseating republican congressmen living in perceived blue districts. Eight California candidates became the latest targets in their political fight.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chose the golden state because the it has been hit particularly hard with close to 11 percent unemployment and budget problems as far as the eye can see.

Not so fast says one of the targeted congressmen Brian Bilbray-R California. “The people in San Diego won’t fall for Chicago-style politics.”

The congressman handily won his seat in November, even though President Obama won the 50th district. “The people in San Diego have known me since I was in my 20s and know I’m looking out for them. The San Diego voters are also tired of Washington’s business as usual.”

However the DCCC claims Bilbray’s seat is up for grabs due to a shrinking republican party. What democratic officials won’t say is the democrats are also losing registered voters and it’s the independent party on the rise, validating the ‘business as usual’ problem that continues to plague Washington D.C.

In an attempt to use some of that newly minted political ideology Andrew Stone, western regional press secretary for the DCCC said; “We are holding Representative Brian Bilbray accountable for just saying ‘no’ to President Obama’s recovery act that creates or saves 400,000 California jobs, cuts taxes for the middle class families and funds critical projects.”

He goes on to say that in these tough times families are worried about their future and California voters don’t need representative’s “just saying no.”

Californians couldn’t disagree more. A few weeks ago Californians voted down new taxing and spending plans by Sacramento by landside margins.

“What people need to understand with the ‘party of no’ nonsense is the so-called stimulus bill was a package put forward in the dead of night. We were asked to sign a bill without reading it. Not only were there 9,000 pork projects included, but the AIG bonuses or extortion money was in there,” Bilbray said.

Local San Diego continuants seem to agree with the congressman.

“California said a resounding no with the latest election. Brian Bilbray is right in step with the voters in California. It’s logical to conclude that we don’t want our kids to be saddled with problems that they had no part in determining,” John Herbert of Encinitas said.

“I fully support Congressman Bilbray’s vote against the $787 billion stimulus bill, I only wish there were more elected officials like him.”

What about those 400,000 jobs that California was supposed to save or create? It looks like the jury is still out on that one as California continues to shed more jobs on a weekly basis. The democrats and Stone were oddly silent on this issue.

The numbers are also out regarding the $787 billion stimulus packages attempt to stave off a deeper recession. However, California still stands on the brink of bankruptcy with no relief in the immediate future.

“I’m standing on principals for my San Diego constituents,” Bilbray said.

If Californian’s recent vote is any indication of future house races it looks like the democrats may be overstepping on the issue of further gains in the house in 2010.

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