The White House is set to discuss immigration reform

June 8, 12:15 PM · Add a Comment
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Step up to the plate, the next batter is immigration reform. In what seems like another inning in the bailout, heath care, save the planet baseball game, the White House is set to discuss immigration reform this week.

Billed as the Reform Immigration for America Campaign Summit, more than 700 groups will strategize how to promote immigration reform. In the midst of a massive recession, many are wondering if the time is right to give 12-20 million illegal aliens the chance to become U.S. citizens.

Kicking off a new week, President Obama will host immigration reform groups into a meeting of the minds. The group-think was supposed to include lawmakers on both sides of the isle, but conflicts pushed the lawmakers’ aspect of the issue back to the 17th of June.

Saddling the immigration system as an “assault on American values and ideals,” the National Council of La Raza looks forward to opening up the discussion and giving a voice to those they say are living in the shadows.

“Policies that call for SWAT-like teams to pluck people out of their beds in the middle of the night, lead to racial profiling, separate families, exploit workers and ignore due process are shamefully un-American,” the NCLR claims.

Opponents on the other side of the topical issue couldn’t disagree more and are also gathering to ensure their voices heard. Minutemen groups across the country have set up mass fax blasts to get the point across.

“If recent history is an accurate guide, amnesty in any form would only encourage a new wave of illegal aliens. Such legislation is a bad idea not only because it creates a transparent path to amnesty, but also it would reduce work opportunities, depresses wages and lowers protection for Americans,” part of the fax reads.

Indeed, states like California are strapped for cash and are reluctant to point any fingers for political reasons. Although Gov. Schwarzenegger believes illegals are not to blame for the state’s $24.3 billion deficit. The governor contends that the $5 billion spent annually on illegal aliens is only a small portion.

This ‘small portion’ tallies up to roughly 20 percent of the current problem and is reoccurring on an annual basis. Thus taxpayer advocacy groups are stepping up their mantra that if these programs were curtailed, California’s financial issues would begin to dissipate in the future.

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