Health care reform is proving to be much more difficult

The reality of 100 percent coverage with health care is unsustainable. Imagine a small round table set to serve a family of four, but a last minute rush forces the table to serve four more people. Service and food portions would be rationed to all those at the table.

The current plans on the table cost in excess of $1 trillion, while only adding 16 million to the health care rolls. That’s a hefty bill.

President Obama’s health care plan wants to insure all Americas, but the reality of this “perfect world” scenario is we would be asking our over-worked doctors and nurses to provide more services with the same amount of providers and facilities.

The White House option does not mention any additional building and schooling of specialized health-care workers to take care of the rush that is likely to ensue if all were to be covered.

Another point worth mentioning is the amount of people who are not U.S. citizens in this country seeking benefits. When do Americans receive priority over non-citizens in health care?

The Congressional Budget Office, the gold standard, bi-partisan watch-dog, number cruncher says the scope of the White House plans won’t be cost effective.

In a letter to the Senate Budget Committee, the CBO says, “In one study, hospitals provided about $35 billion in uncompensated care nationwide in 2008 – less that 2 percent of national health expenditures and the estimates are much smaller for other providers.”

The CBO also contends “that large reductions in health care spending will not actually be achieved without fundamental changing in the financing and delivery of health care.

In the same letter the CBO emphasizes that even if a reform package is achieved, “a budget neutrality during its first 10 years and budget savings in the long run would not be guaranteed- even if the package included initial steps toward transforming the delivery and financing of health care that could gain momentum over time.”

That being said it seems fair to think that a key area to start with when tackling the health care mess is reform from within the industry. Currently Medicare and Medicaid are fraught with fraud. Let’s start there, hire a “Number Cruncher Czar” and follow the money.

Next, it has been said time and time again that if they want to fix the excessive patient testing issue- “tort reform.” Doctors across the country admit they administer more tests than necessary to cover themselves from potential lawsuits. Let’s set up a new “Medical Lawsuit Czar.”

And finally, the country needs to confront the illegal immigration problem. The anchor babies born in California alone have been responsible for decimating the education system and clogging the health clinics. Where’s the “Border Czar?”

So far the health care plans thrown out there by the President Obama and Dodd/Kennedy are short on details. The CBO has found the reports incomplete and estimate a cost of at least $1.5 trillion, yes trillion, for just about 1/6th of the plan.

Senator Chris Dodd-D Conn explained, “We left several sections open because they’re controversial.” He then went on to say that his committee should have this bill ready to move on by the end of next week. Again, lightning speed for a bill that will cost the taxpayers more than a trillion dollars.

Senator Judd Gregg R-N.H. and Senate Budget Committee summed up best, “The plans being offered have a lot of warts.”

Maybe we should have a “Friendly Frog” Czar too.

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