Obama discusses illegal immigration at Esperanza breakfast

In a short speech at the Esperanza National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., the president spoke about the abundance of challenges America faces, including the hot button issue of immigration.

“We are a nation of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and non-believers,” President Obama opened with in his 10-minute speech to the Hispanic-American group.

The president wasted no time getting into the immigration problem this country currently faces.

“We are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants and I’m committed to pass comprehensive immigration reform as President of the United States,” he announced. “The American people believe in immigration, but they also don’t want those who come in violation of the law.”

The audience went silent.

The president then went on to express that his administration would not tolerate employers who “exploited undocumented workers to drive down wages.”

Has the president heard of E-Verify? This program will solve the legality and exploitation problem by assuring workers are paid at least the state’s minimum wage rate. Perhaps one of Obama’s cabinet members, say Janet Napolitano the head of Department of Homeland Security, could urge the president to sign E-Verify instead of putting it off four different times since January.

At the prayer breakfast Obama went on to say, “We have to clarify the status of millions here illegally, many have put down roots. They should pay a penalty, pay taxes, learn English and go to the back of the line.”

This sounds a lot like amnesty. Amnesty is something the American people strongly oppose as evidenced in 2006 when former President Bush and John McCain tried to push it on the American people.

The president then assured the Esperanza audience that his way was the “fair, practical and promising way forward.”

The audience erupted with applause. Amnesty, what a surprise.

What Obama failed to recognize is the cost of state and federal public services as a result of an amnesty rush? Maybe if those in the shadows sign a document as they head to the back of the line stating they would not accept any public assistance while they’re in line and take the citizenship test in English, the American people would applaud.

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