Tea Parties gaining traction for July 4th

As the holiday weekend approaches, Tea Party organizations are gearing up to have their voices heard. There are more than 1,300 parties taking place across the country.

Tea Party participants are committed to letting Washington D.C. know that they have had enough of taxes, immigration issues and out-of-control spending.

One such group is Tea Party Day.com who has a few issues on their mind.

“We are tired of record spending in the budget. The budget increases spending to $3.9 trillion in 2009, or 27 percent of the GDP; the highest level since World War II,” the group says.

“The Obama Administration has spent approximately $24 billion per day during the first 50 days in office. Most of this is borrowed money,” they explain.

This and other Tea Party organizations are outraged about the doubling of the national debt, the trillion dollar entitlement spending sprees and increased tax burdens average families will have to bear in order to cover the growing government, cap-and-trade and health care policies.

The latest cap-and-trade bill just squeaked by in the house last week and equates to the largest tax hike in American history.

The Club for Growth, a taxpayer advocacy group, give Americans six reasons not to allow the cap-and-trade bill be signed into law.

1. All taxpayers will pay more than $3,000 per year in various taxes;
2. It exacerbates the current economic crisis; massive job losses, approximately 2.5 million;
3. It picks winners and losers by transferring money from rural areas to the big cities;
4. It has little environmental impact;
5. Green jobs are a proven failure, in Spain for every one green job created, 2.2 regular jobs are lost
6. It creates a new derivative market for companies like AIG, Goldman Sachs and GE.

A few talking points that Leslie Eastman of Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition points outs are the cap-and-trade bill deserves a full deliberation of the 1,200 pages. Also Eastman says the cap-and-trade carbon tax is an “outrageous power grab that will dramatically increase taxes and regulation.”

A big gripe many tea party attendees complain about is Washington D.C.’s problem of not reading any of the bills they are voting on. A message to all legislators from the silent majority; “we are watching.”

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