California governor’s race gains another female candidate

California governor’s race gains another female candidate

San Diego- Chelene Nightingale will run for California’s top post in 2010 on the American Independent Party ticket. A self-professed patriot, Nightingale announced her intent to run on July 4th in San Diego at Camp Vigilance.

“I’m a people’s candidate, by and for the people of California,” Nightingale says enthusiastically.

Nightingale has a long tough road ahead of her. Not only is she running on the Independent ticket, but she refuses to take any union, or special interest money to support her campaign run all the way to the Sacramento State Capital.

The three main issues Nightingale hopes to confront are; illegal immigration, education reform and restoring California’s once prominent economy. She goes on to say that California’s second most profitable business is government. “That has to change,” she says.

“California has the highest poverty rate in the U.S. as well as the highest tax rate,” Nightingale claims. “The education system was once ranked top in the country, but now it hovers near the bottom.”

“We have to fight for our grass roots and get the state back into the hands of the people,” she believes.

Nightingale admits to changing party affiliation in the past. “I started out as a Democrat moved to the GOP and was tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Now I’m an Independent.”

Just as Sarah Palin said she was no longer useful as Alaska governor, Nightingale feels many California politicians have lost their usefulness. It is time for many of them to step aside and let patriots step into leadership roles.

Nightingale established herself in the political scene with the Save Our State organization. During her tenure at SOS, Nightingale organized community events and lobbying efforts in Sacramento and Washington D.C.

Nightingale hopes that other frustrated Californians will join her on this journey to take back the “Golden State.”

Advocating for tougher border control, Nightingale says she would strengthen the southern California border by adding armed-National Guard members.

If you are looking for a politically-correct candidate, Nightingale says “I’m not your girl. I want our borders protected by agents and guard members who are ‘locked and loaded’ because there are also terrorists crossing our borders and we need to stop them.”

Citing up-start, former presidential candidate Ron Paul, Nightingale believes “it (an Independent in Sacramento) can happen.”

Nightingale hopes to draw on her strengths as a mom and her independent spirit to fight the tough battle ahead. Why would a mom and political activist want to run in the nasty world of politics?

“I just lost my mom a few weeks ago, and it was my mom who encouraged me to accept the American Independent Party offer to run for governor. She told me, ‘Do it, for your self, but also do it for your son.’”

“I hope my courage will help other women to follow in these foot steps.”

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