The election of President Obama seen through an 8th graders eyes

San Diego- As we reflect on the recent elections, one student, Shannon O’Donnell, wanted to have her voice heard. Although her guy didn’t win, she had a say in the election process at her middle school. Here is a sampling of what she thought.


I assume that everyone in America or at least most Americans have been involved with the 2008 Presidential Election. Though it had a big impact on the adults, it also influenced middle schoolers.

As the Presidential election drew near, 7th and 8th graders started to discuss their beliefs about who was the better choice. Though most people leaned to Barack Obama, many felt strongly that Senator McCain was the right man for the job.
My school, (Diegueno, in the San Diego Union High School District) set up a mock election for all of the schools in the district to participate. All the History teachers set out to discuss with their classes both candidates in the election as well as the propositions.
All my classmates had different views and reasons for their views. It didn’t take long for everyone to be really excited about U.S. History. Though there was chaos in almost every class room, fighting through words to get their point across to other people, a few students seemed concerned about what some of certain candidates beliefs were and what one proposition really meant
The only problem with that was that the people who weren’t agog on these subjects were teetering on either side because of so many differing facts. But eventually, everyone found what they believed in time for the big vote.

As the day after Election Day inched closer, everyone grew anxious and agitated. When the day after the election finally came, their new President was Barack Obama, some kids at Diegueno were sad that their promising patron had lost. Later that day, it was announced that President Obama had won the SDUHSD Mock Presidential Election as well.
You could tell that teachers were practically walking on air because Obama had won, though they would never admit to their excitement and joviality. When the teachers talked about him, it was like they were talking about their Lord and Love. McCain supporters were absolutely nauseated.
As people move on into different aspects of their lives, they will most likely remember this election forever. It was the first serious election that they had to think about, where they had to learn the facts and not just say, “I want Obama because my Mommy thinks he’s the best!” The students got to state their own opinions and they were able to learn what their true beliefs on these subjects were. I’m glad I was able to participate.
Shannon will be moving on to eighth grade next month and aspires to study journalism once she heads to college.

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