Alternative skates equal fun for Freeline

San Diego – If you are looking for a new skateboard without the board – look no further than Freeline Sports Inc. This sideways skate sport was the brain child of Ryan Farrelly.

This new sport has recently taken off as seen at the Van’s Warp Tour. The company now sponsors riders and these riders as well as others get together at competitions around the country and world.

The jest of the Freeline competitions includes trick platforms, downhill, flat land and skate ramps and bowls.

Freeline Company hooked-up with the Vans Warp Tour three years ago. “We wanted inclusion and acceptance from the core community as we like to ride hard,” say company spokesman Mike Kelly.

“Vans has been great to us allowing our top riders to showcase their skills at the California tour dates,” Kelly says. He also said that this exposure shows kids and skate fans that there are other alternatives to traditional skateboarding.

Freeline sees themselves as an innovator. “Like Jack Burton with his snowboards and Sector 9 and long boards, Freeline promotes their sideways skates.”

Freeline would like to provide the “next ride” of the action sports community.

The company has sold more than 40,000 units through internet, retail stores and international distribution. The company has now added to its line and includes two new models with wood-top decks as well as t-shirts/sweatshirts.

“One of the best ways that we market our sideway skates is by utilizing riders. It’s not just a product, but the people that ride them,” Kelly said. “The lifestyle brand comes from the people.”

The average consumer is 12-21 years-old, both male and female. These riders are often accomplished at skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, kite boarding, rollerblading and wave boardering.

Kelly points out that there are three levels of riders for these new sideway skates. “The Bad-ass ripper, a young teen that is first on the block to push the limits and be the first to shine; Campus-cruiser, this kid is not into it for the tricks, but wants to get from A to B with a backpack; Finally the beginner, someone who has never seen anything like this and likes the sideway movement.”

The Freeline Company motto ‘the next ride’ suits this up-and-coming sport perfectly.

If you are interested in Freeline sideway skates and can’t catch the next Warped Tour event, check them out online.

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