Vans Warped Tour provides skateboarding, music and people watching

Pomona- Sprinkled amongst the musicians, punk music fans and Mohawks were a handful of skateboarding athletes. The kids were a part of the all-day Vans Warped Tour concert event held in Pomona, CA on June 26th.

Headlining bands included old-school punkers Bad Religion, NOFX, Thrice and Less Than Jake.

Littered across the infield of the race track were a number of stages that played many up-and-coming bands, booths selling various concert wares and plenty of junk-food stands.

The crowd was treated to both girls and boys skating on a metal mini-ramp that travels across the country to all the Vans tour events.

The skaters pulled airs, Ollies, kick flips during the 30 minute jam sessions. Up first were the girls. The All Girl Skate Jam skaters included 6-year-old Annika Vrklan who skated with a helmet complete with pink-bunny ears.

When asked about the skate jam she replied, “It’s loud, but really cool.”

All Girl Skate Jam is an organization dedicated to promoting girl skaters. The founder, Patty Segovia, started the company in 1990 and is a soul skater girl. “Our motto is all ages, all abilities and all girls.”

The boys revved up the heat factor and showed the concert fans that skating is all about self-expression, creativity and freedom of the flow. They carved-up the ramp with grinds, front-side airs, board grabs, 5os, front-side 360s, 50/50s, Indies and bonelesses

With punk-rock bands playing as a backdrop, nine-year-old Koby said, “Dropping in front of hundreds of rowdy people was so sick. Skating with my friends and watching the bands was a lot of fun.”

When he came off the ramp he said, “I think the lead singer of that band is drunk and I think he was drunk when he wrote the song. He sure cusses a lot.”

However, garnering attention was not a problem. Koby was definitely comfortable skating in front of the crowd, and the girls were especially loud as they cheered the young skater on.

Many of the skaters will skate at the Vans Warped tour in Chula Vista later in the summer.

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