California Senator, Boxer, slammed for racial slur by black leader

Senator Barbara Boxer

California Senator Barbara Boxer-D was slammed by the President and CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce in a hearing regarding environmental projects. Harry C. Alford called Boxer “condescending” and “God awful” for remarks about patronizing the African-American community.

Boxer was in the news most recently when she demanded a General in the U.S. Military stop calling her ma’am and call her Senator because she worked hard for this title. I’m sure it was easy to become General, but that’s a different point.

Within a 30 second span Alford addressed Boxer as Madam and there was no comment directed to him to “call her Senator.”

Boxer then continued to dig herself deeper and deeper by quoting another black organization, 100 black men of Atlanta.

“Madam chair, that is condescending to me,” Alford says. “I’m the National Black Chamber of Commerce, and you’re trying to put up some other black group to pit against me.”

Alford went on to explain that he has been working on energy policy since 1996, a college graduate and a veteran of the United States Army, and condemned Boxer for bringing up policies that had nothing to do with energy or the NAACP.

“I think this is God awful,” he finished.

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