Hitting the target with San Diego Sheriff Candidate Jay LaSuer

San Diego- What part of illegal don’t you understand? This is a question Sheriff Candidate for San Diego Jay LaSuer puts to all lawmakers and law enforcement personnel.

“We are a sanctuary city,” LaSuer says. “I’ll advocate getting the National Guard on the borders. I know they can’t make arrests, but their presence will have meaning.”

To his supporters LaSuer is simply known as Sheriff Jay. And yes, it’s not a coincidence that he uses that term. Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio is often referred to as Sheriff Joe and LaSuer himself has met the infamous Arizona Sheriff.

Like Sheriff Joe, LaSuer believes in enforcing the law and punishing criminals. He recalls a story from his days in the California State Legislature regarding illegals crossing the southern border.

“Not enforcing illegal immigration or ‘undocumented workers’ is like calling a bank robber receiving an undocumented loan.”

If the voter is expecting the status quo in San Diego, LaSuer is not their guy. However, anyone who is looking to fulfill the estimated 100,000 outstanding warrants currently waiting in San Diego to be filled, LaSuer is definitely their guy.

Following in Sheriff Arpaio steps, LaSuer plans to set up tent prisons. “If tents are good enough for our brave men and women serving our country in Afghanistan and Iraq, tent prison overflows can be erected to house our criminals,” LaSuer explains.

As long as the tent encampments follow the health and safety standards, LaSuer intends to use a similar method of imprisonment in San Diego that works for Arizona.

Like Sheriff Joe, LaSuer intends to get the bad guys by following the letter of the law. Not only does he have the past credentials to fulfill the job of Sheriff, he finds that it is his duty.

“Like many people I am tired of what’s happening everyday and I’m tired of watching elected officials look the other way,” LaSuer explains from the home of Mason Weaver.

“It means a lot for someone to open their home to me and I thank Mason,” LaSuer said.

Even though it is early in the 2010 election cycle, Weaver is throwing his support for LaSuer because his says we need good leaders. “It’s time we stand up for the law. It’s time we support a guy who is more afraid of God than the unions. Jay knows the law and Jay knows what illegal means.”

In response LaSuer says that “you can’t enforce the law if you lose your moral compass.” Something he says he will never lose.

LaSuer believes that the most important aspect of a person’s quality of life is the knowledge that they and their family are safe from criminals.

“Citizens must also know if they are the victim of a crime, law enforcement will not rest until the criminal is relentlessly pursued, arrested and jailed,” LaSuer insists.

LaSuer, a former Undersheriff in San Diego, has been a California Peace Officer for more than 31 years. He also served his country in the Army’s 101st Airborne Division.

After his Honorable Discharge from the US Army LaSuer found his way into police work where he stayed for six years until he decided to return to San Diego State University and received his Bachelor’s in Public Administration.

LaSuer then joined the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and continued to serve 25 years, moving up the ranks and finally becoming the Undersheriff. During this tenure he attended and graduated from the FBI National Academy.

In 1990, LaSuer successfully ran for the La Mesa City Council where he served for 10 years until is election into the California State Assembly in 2000. While serving in the 77 Assembly District, he received many awards including, Legislator of the Year.

Standing on principle, LaSuer insists he will serve the office with integrity and legality to ensure a safer more law abiding community for all taxpayers.

For more stories; http://www.examiner.com/x-10317-San-Diego-County-Political-Buzz-Examiner

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