Mason Weaver explores the idea of running for US Congress in the 53rd District

San Diego- Mason Weaver, a radio broadcaster, newspaper columnist and public speaker has announced his intent to form an exploratory committee for a run at the US Congress in the 53rd District.

Weaver has been a part of the San Diego community for the last 40 years. After constant urging from community leaders, he has decided to explore the idea of running for Congress against Democrat Susan Davis.

“Someone has to tell them (Washington D.C. politicians) to reverse the bailouts, reduce taxes, drill here drill now, reward job creators, marriage isn’t broken- don’t try to fix it and parents, families, government in that order,” Weaver explains his campaign issues.

As a conservative, Weaver intends to change the way Washington D.C. politicians do business. “I’ll stand for dignity, honor and hope,” he says.

Weaver goes on to say that civil rights “was not about white folks liking black folks, it was about justice and law enforcement.”

As a potential candidate for the 53rd Congress District, Weaver will work for all San Diegans not the special interests or unions.

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