Congressmen respond to unfinished border fence

San Diego- In an effort to erect the remainder of the southern border fence, Congressman Duncan Hunter-R Calif. has introduced new bipartisan border fence legislation that would give Department of Homeland Security’s, Janet Napolitano, additional ammo to keep in her back pocket to finish the fence.

The new legislation was co-sponsored by Congressmen, Bilbray-R Calif., Royce-R Calif., Ryan-D OH and McIntyre-D NC and “provides the Secretary of Homeland Security with complete discretionary authority to build as much as 350 miles of additional reinforced fencing along the U.S./Mexico border.”

A similar bill passed in the Senate this month. The DeMint amendment 1399 (original amendment 1373) passed with a vote of 54-44. This legislation requires the completion of at least 700 miles of reinforcement fence along the southwest border by December of 2010.

The bipartisan group of congressmen believes it’s important that DHS continue to receive the tools necessary to do its job effectively.

“The threat of violence, illegal drug smuggling and terrorist activity along the U.S./Mexico border continues to escalate,” Congressman Hunter said. “As the last few remaining miles of border infrastructure are completed and we work to strengthen our overall security presence on the Southwest border, it is important that DHS continue to receive and retain the necessary tools to do its job.”

Leading to the question most Border States contend with, why does the fence remain incomplete a full two years since the 2006 mandate under the Bush Administration?

If the Obama Administration is looking for a shovel ready project that would create jobs, this is it. Joe Kasper a spokesman for Hunter concurs, “This would be a great shovel ready project that would also create jobs and protect our country in the long run.”

In May, Congressmen Hunter and Bilbray sent Secretary Napolitano a letter pointing out that the success of the reinforced fence in hotbed “Smugglers Gulch” in San Diego, can be duplicated in the yet to be fenced area known as Goat Canyon and Bunker Hill.

They note that the government superseded in the Smuggler’s Gulch to get the fence completed and wish to see the aforementioned fence project be finished in a timely manner.

Responding to the San Diego Congressmen, Secretary Napolitano office said this; “To date, no viable engineering solution has been established that effectively impedes illegal activity and also adequately preserves the historic value of the World War II era bunkers and the surrounding rugged terrain at Smuggler’s Gulch.”

Until a plan is figured out the California Border Patrol will continue to use personnel and lighting to deter dangerous drug smugglers from entering the United States.

However, that’s not good enough for many Californian’s who continue to feel the brunt of the illegal smuggler’s constant barrage of drug smugglers and poor to feed from the free services trough, according to border watch groups.

If the Chinese can build the Great Wall of China some 2,000 years ago, certainly the U.S. government with its vast knowledge and new technology can build a fence to slow the mass traffic of people seeking refuge in this country.


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