California Border Patrol Agent shot dead in San Diego

San Diego – Increasing U.S./Mexico border violence leads to the death of a California Border Patrol agent late Thursday night. Robert Rosas was gunned down while he was protecting the region’s border.

“This act of violence will not stand, nor will any act of violence against Border Patrol,” Secretary of DHS Janet Napolitano said. “I have directed that full resources of the Department assist in the investigation to find and bring to justice those responsible for this inexcusable crime.”

She goes on to remind everyone that these brave agents put their lives on the line everyday they report to duty.

Sources on the scene say the agent was shot fatally while working near the border in the Campo region. This was no different than any other routine round up of illegal border crossers.

Once, Border Patrol spots the group they begin detention. However, this time the group scattered and agents split up to trail the presumed illegal group, according to Agent Daryl Reed. Moments later something went horribly wrong.

San Diego police reported the agent was shot several times in the head. Cal Fire Battalion Chief Nick Schuler said, despite fire engines, ambulance and medical helicopter assistance the agent suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The agent was monitoring the Shockey Truck Trail area near Campo when the shots rang out. The area of Campo is the scene of spotty border fence coverage.

Currently there is a massive search underway, however law enforcement has yet to find anyone in connection with this crime, Reed says.

According to U.S. Officials the Mexican authorities have been notified and are searching their side of the border. Reed points out that details are sketchy and they do not know if drugs were involved.

“This incident demonstrates the serious danger connected to the Southwest border and tremendous responsibility undertaken by the brave men and women of the U. S. Border Patrol,” a spokesman from Duncan Hunter’s office said. “The Congressman’s thoughts and condolences are with the Rosas family.”

Echoing those sentiments is Carl Braun of the Boarder Patrol Auxiliary; “All of us in the Border Patrol Auxiliary and other citizen watch groups mourn the death of Patrol Agent Rosas. Everyone knows it is a dangerous job.”

He continues to say, “As vigilance along the border increases, so will the smugglers desperation. This tragically underscores, once again, the need for a secure border and will certainly escalate the intensity of the law enforcement in this, the most dangerous neighborhood in America.”

The California Border Patrol has scheduled a press conference for later this afternoon.

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