Friendship Park on the border to remain closed despite pro-Amnesty groups San Diego- Pro-amnesty gr

San Diego- Pro-amnesty groups, and politicians recently sent a letter to DHS, Janet Napolitano’s office requesting the border Friendship Park be reopened- Border Patrol supervision would be required.

However, the recent murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent and American advocacy groups firmly stand behind the Border Czar, Alan Bersin who says he is against the idea of restoring access.

Leading the charge to get Friendship Park reopened is Enrique Morones, founder of Border Angels and Friends of Friendship Park. “Having personally met with DHS in D.C. and locally the question is not weather it will reopen, but when it will reopen,” Morones stated. “I personally would like to have it reopen by our annual Posadas Sin Fronteras in December.”

Morones has Democratic Congresswomen Susan Davis and Congressman Bob Filner on his side. In the letter to DHS Secretary Napolitano, the group asked for “restoration of routine public access to Friendship Park, the historic location overlooking the Pacific Ocean…along the U.S./Mexico border.”

Fat chance says Republican Congressmen Brian Bilbray and Duncan Hunter. Bilbray who grew up near the border says this park is just a ruse. “This park was supposed to be a dual effort, we (U.S.) built the park and Mexico built a Bullring, that’s how important it was to Mexico,” Bilbray explained.

The Congressman goes on to explain the second Morones and his group got the Coastal Commission involved was the beginning of the demise for the park; as the Coastal Commission group determined where the fence would be built.

Congressman Hunter’s office says Border Patrol representatives told Department of Homeland Security the fence is completed and there was no intention to abandon the finished fence.

Also, another wrench in this Friendship Park reopening will be the recent murder of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas. His death by illegal smugglers has renewed lawmakers attention to ensure that the U.S./Mexico borders are secure.

“Border Field State Park is finally secure with a triple fence after decades of smuggling illegal aliens, drugs and contraband between, over and through the old fence,” says Jeff Schwilk of the San Diego Minutemen. “This area must remain secure and closed to all civilian access as part of America’s overall effort to gain operational control over our dangerous border with Mexico, especially between San Diego and Tijuana.”

However, California Attorney General John Fanestil is endorsing the reopening process. “Just as with any public park, people should be able to look out their window at the beginning of the day, see the sun shining and say this would be a nice day to go to the park.”

What a nice sentiment, however, Oceanside resident Mike Schmid, says, “If it’s such a nice day why don’t you drive across the border to meet at a park to visit with family and friends,” he said. “They don’t do it because they are here illegally and couldn’t get back into the U.S.”

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