San Diego Sheriff’s race gets a Joe Arpaio endorsement

San Diego- As the San Diego Sheriff’s race heats up, local contender, Jay LaSuer gets an official endorsement from Arizona’s Top Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

LaSuer announced his endorsement on local radio station 1170 KCBQ with Rick Amato. Arpaio’s endorsement comes as the race for the Sheriff’s office is just getting underway.

“Joe is the foremost Sheriff in the country and the person I admire most in law enforcement. His support is very humbling to me,” LaSuer said.

The premier Sheriff in America said he would be willing to help LaSuer with fund raising efforts as well as advertisements, says LaSuer. “He is a living legend and well respected.”

Many think this endorsement might just push LaSuer over the finish line first as Arpaio is well respected. Despite negative press from left wing organizations, Sheriff Joe continues to win reelections in landslide manners.

The bottom line for LaSuer is straight talk. “I want to make San Diego County the safest county in the country.”

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