Guatemala to lobby Congress on immigration reform

Getting on the lobbying gravy train is the Guatemalan government. According to an M3 report release last week, the Guatemalan’s felt the need for urgency in setting up a regional bloc to persuade U.S. members of Congress regarding immigration reform.

The representatives from the Executive, the Judiciary and other organizations in favor of undocumented aliens in the U.S., met in Chicago to draw up a lobbying plan to aggressively tackle the immigration issue this year.

Their plan zeros in to target Blue Dog Democrats. In a statement from Edgar Ayala of the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities said “218 votes are needed in the House of Representatives and 60 in the Senate.”

“The numbers are not in our favor, therefore, one of the conclusions is that we will work with the Senators who are not yet convinced,” Ayala said.

The statement also said the group is prepared to lobby Senators, Governors and Mayors within the U.S. who are not behind immigration reform.

“We’ll ask the support of Congressmen who are in favor to help us persuade those who are not,” Miguel Angel Ibarra, vice chancellor (similar to Dep. Secretary of State) of Guatemalan said.

The coalition will work to unite all Latin America migrant organizations in order to become more of a force inside the U.S. and push for immigration reform.

AKA amnesty for all.

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