Adam Taylor aims for the stars, literally

Adam Taylor aims for the stars, literally

At the X-games last weekend, Adam Taylor of Encinitas pointed his skateboard down a 50- foot ramp and sailed over a huge gap only to touch down on the other side and pull more big air tricks.

This X-Game crowd favorite event only draws a few brave souls out to risk severe injury; Taylor is one of those brave souls.

At 19, he is also one of the youngest skaters in Big Air and the traditional fan favorite Vert Ramp. “I love the Big Air contest,” says an excited Taylor.

However, skating this type of ramp is not easy. “I can’t just practice anytime I want. I have to be invited to Bob Burnquist’s house because that is the only Big Air ramp around.”

Reflecting back on the recent contest Taylor can’t help but be a little bummed. He finished just off the podium in the two Big Air contests.

This year the event organizers added a new twist to the Big Air ramp. Local legend Danny Way came up with a “rainbow rail” that was placed the length of the gap. It is here where Taylor feels a bit miffed.

“I heard a few people tell me I was robbed in this event as I did a kick flip before grinding the rail and landed on the other side,” Taylor said.

He explained that the X-Games are a different beast. “I think the judges are looking to the established skaters first and they make the new guy work a little harder.”

That’s the way the cookie crumbles, however, Taylor quickly moves past this contest and is already focusing on the Dew Tour.

“I’m going to be practicing super hard for the Dew Tour. I need to get my 720s down if I want to get onto the podium,” Taylor admitted.

And in true nose to the grindstone fashion he picks up his skateboard, heads up the stairs and pursues his dreams of being a skateboard champion.

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