Democrat leadership adds a health care ‘war room’ to White House

As August heats up, the Democratic leadership has set up a health care ‘war room’ to assist members of congress with those pesky town hall uprisings and keep the legislators on message.

‘War room’ headquarters will scour the media outlets on health care and write up-to-date talking points to counter health care critics.

Rather than have meaningful discussion to truly reform the health care industry, the Obama Administration continues to push for rapid lawmaking before the American public can read the breath of the 1,000+ page bill.

Another confusing component to this legislation is the fact there are currently up to five different bills floating around Washington D.C. This makes it tough for concerned citizens to navigate through the shark-infested health care waters and decipher how this will affect their health coverage.

The majority of the “angry mob protestors” are senior citizens. They, understandably, have the most to lose from health-care rationing, especially since the Obama Administration has stated on a number of occasions one-half of the cost of the $1 trillion plan will come from cost savings stemming in Medicare.

Insiders with the ‘war room’ say there will be constant phone calls and emails throughout the August recess to keep Democrats on task. Leadership aides also claim the ‘war room’ group; “We’ll do whatever we can to facilitate the successful passage of the health care legislation in September.”

While the Democrats continue on the offensive, the GOP has a few tricks up their sleeve. According to a memo from House Minority Whip leader Eric Cantor, Republicans are to focus on fiscally responsible Democrat Blue Dogs.

The statement included a number of key health care information points for each of the 52 Blue Dog districts.

Cantor also provides some guidance for Republicans holding town hall meetings. “If you encounter energetic crowds, make sure to listen to what they’re saying, and listen for as long as they wish to speak.”

This is clearly a different philosophy than the “push back twice as hard,” policy the White House has put forth.

To read a copy of health care bill HR3200;

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