Protesters to Senator Boxer – you’re fired

San Diego- This is termination of employment from ‘we the people.’ It was clear outside California Senator Barbara Boxer’s office; ‘we the people’ were giving her a pink slip for a variety of reasons.

“She is not holding town hall meetings, she is not coming to San Diego and she refuses to answer questions about her votes in Washington D.C.,” says Linda Reedy a furious California voter.

Approximately 200 protesters from both sides of the isle stood outside Boxer’s office, parading their signs for all to see. From the onset, the Tea Party movement had a clear message that resonated with passerby’s in the downtown location.

Many of the people walking by stopped to thank the protesters for doing everything they were doing. Also, many passing cars and trucks honked their horns in support of the anti-health care protesters.

The health-care protest ‘mob’ attracted younger people to senior citizens.

“Doesn’t the government and people recognize this will cost our country a trillion plus dollars?” said Ann Holley, a senior who came to see what all the fuss was about. “Why hasn’t there been more discussion about community clinics similar to what we have in my town?”

Others were concerned about the free market in this country. Recent college graduates, Jessi Bridges, 24 and Britni Chadwick, 24 said, “We care about the direction our country is going and we care about our future.” They found out about the protest at an online community – not the Tea Party Patriots where a lot of the demonstraters are learning about protests and town halls across the country.

The lunchtime festivities were also recorded by the local news. One broadcaster found himself in the middle of a rude and in your face proponent of a single-payer health insurance program.

Another senior citizen who was holding her sign along the street said, “I was given the middle finger one-inch from my face by a young person with no respect for me whatsoever. It was my generation who sacrificed the most.”

In the meantime, small groups of protesters were escorted up to the Senator’s office to hand deliver their letters and petitions.

Once inside the office the group was greeted by a single employee who had no knowledge other than the fact that Senator Boxer has not been in the office for at least two years.

“You want to know why we are upset? She won’t even meet with her constituents, she is disrespecting the people,” Reedy said. “How is it she can vote on issues when she hasn’t bothered to visit San Diego in two years?”

The argument is the same across the country and as August continues, canceling or not holding town halls will only lament the anger constituents feel about their lawmakers. Protesters are hopping mad and they are not going to take it anymore.

“And by the way, no one is paying me to be here,” Chadwick said.

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