Gang of seven protesters meet with Senator Boxer’s office

A meeting of the minds took place today and it was agreed to disagree inside Senator Barbara Boxer’s office.

It was clear from the start the gang of seven anti-health bill HR3200 weren’t going to agree with Boxer’s Senior Staff person Caridad Sanchez.

The meeting erupted with each participant giving a brief description as to why they came to Boxer’s downtown office. After each spoke, the concerned citizens made the point that they were not part of a mob and hadn’t been paid to demonstrate their First Amendment right. All were employed and all were extremely concerned about the turbo pace of the Barrack Obama Administration.

Small business owner and Real Estate Agent, Kay O’Hara says she’s lost all trust for the government officials and the media. “I’ve read HR 3200, and it will not work for me or my life.”

Linda Reddy echoes that sentiment. “Change, reform, re-brand, now the President is making the insurance companies the bad guy. Nobody trusts Obama anymore, and don’t even get me started on the czars, it’s the usurping of Congress.”

Another concerned constituent Valerie Sherriff, lamented the fact that she was tired of the media and unscrupulous politicians labeling protesters as something they clearly are not. “They (politicians) are not getting what we (the people) are all about – we are real.”

While the ladies each expressed their views on health care and other topics, Sanchez clearly did not identify with the non-believers. Sanchez would write furiously and then stop in exasperation when the group’s decibel level would rise.

When asked what would happen with all this data being taken down, Sanchez said, “I’ll write a report and then it gets sent as a memo to the Senator for her to read through.”

“I think my story will be very interesting for Boxer to hear. I’m on Medicare for a rare disorder and rely on the government aid for specialist treatment,” says 56-year-old Amy Fihn. “I may or may not have access in the future and I’m worried about the cuts Obama is considering.”

Once the discussion made its way around the office, the outcome became evident, all wanted HR 3200 killed. “The people are smart, they know the new co-ops will be nothing more than the government setting protocol,” Reddy said, who is an intervention specialist. “If they can’t run Medicare, Social Security or Cash for Clunkers, why should we believe they can run an even larger health care plan that will cover everyone?”

Small business owner, O’Hara said all this regulation is nothing more than job killing measures.

Along with a host of concerns, Amy Todorovich explained she didn’t want to pay for health care for those in this country illegally. “This bill doesn’t contain tort reform or any other cost savings. I’m certain this will end up costing us taxpayers much more than Obama is stating.”

On the competition front San Diego resident Carol Derbis thought the government could solve that problem fairly easy. “If insurance companies could compete, I am quite sure you would see an immediate drop in costs.”

She also contended that if, “We no longer had to provide free health care to millions illegals, health care providers could cut costs to U.S. citizens.”

As the meeting edged closer to the conclusion, the town hall meeting issue arose. “Why isn’t Senator Boxer holding a town hall, this is a big issue? Can you have her get back to me on that?” Larry Naritelli asked.

He did not get the response he was hoping for. “This is the least of my worries,” Sanchez chided.

“She (Boxer) is making law from falsehoods and environmental nonsense,” Naritelli finished.

Very few questions were answered during the 45-minute meeting of the minds. The senior staff member just took notes; however, she did say the Senator wasn’t paying much attention to the current legislation as she sits on different committees in Washington D.C.

“The committees the Senator currently sits on are environment, transportation/commerce/science, ethics and foreign affairs,” Sanchez explained. “If voters have any questions they can email, phone in to a local office or send a letter through the mail.”

It’s been fairly well documented that Senator Boxer has been scouting book shops across Northern California in August rather than meeting with voters. Boxer has published her second fiction book that is loosely based on her life. “They say you have to write what you know,” she says about the book with a liberal Democrat who pits herself against an evil Vice President.

The fact the Senator had time to stomp the pavement to promote her book and not hold town halls didn’t sit well with Sally Zelikovsky. “We found out that (Boxer) had a book signing on August 12, at Book Passages in Corte Madera. It is infuriating that these elected officials have time to self-promote and luxuriate with sponsors and supporters, but not meet with their constituents.”

Senator Boxer failed to return any phone calls or emails made to her headquarters to discuss the town hall and book signing issues. Currently, Boxer is on record for supporting health care reform and providing a public option.

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