A new 65-page health care plan emerges

A San Diego business man has proposed an overhaul of the health care industry in a 65-page report that saves the taxpayer’s 34 percent in overall costs and keeps the government completely out of the health care business.

So what prompted a private citizen to come up with a plan to save the health care industry? “The realization that government has been systematically devaluing the family and the role family plays in the foundation of our way of life,” says Michael Bond the author of this plan.

His company, Quantrex Research has been working to develop multiple family initiatives to dismantle federal bureaucracy; The Family Managed Health Care System is the result.

His efforts concentrate on personal and family accountability. By using the technological advances in the banking system, his plan would cut bureaucratic quagmire and implement the ATM-card technology to pay health care providers instantly eliminating most bureaucracy.

“The plan will require medical providers to post their prices on the internet and a family ATM-style medical card will allow payment to any provider. This will create instant competition,” Bond claims.

While no plan is perfect this one seems to offer alternatives worth paying attention to. “I believe the solution to the problems facing health care and the federal budget could be found in approaching the problems with a new system-level approach,” Bond explains.

The three main components this plan puts forward are; Families will be responsible for using the system and not over using it. A family grouping would rid the system of pre-existing conditions, add portability and the account would cover everyone in the family group as each person would pay into it.

Second, employers benefit from fixed hourly rate of $2.11/per hour to provide health benefits, this levels the medical insurance playing field and averages out at $4,000 per year, much less than the current $10,000 the government is now paying. Part time employees could work multiple jobs to meet a national average and employers do not have to pay to administer in-house plans. Bond also feels the $2.11 cost could be driven down as the plan becomes more established.

Third, the plan uses tried and true existing technology and systems to replace outdated risk mitigation in making payments to medical providers, thus reduces health care costs by 34 percent immediately.

Bond contends public awareness is critical to getting alternative health care reform plans into Washington D.C. “This plan addresses all the criteria required by both major political parties, yet it removes government from the equation.”

Another aspect of this plan involves how the current system will absorb 47 million new patients. Every plan floating around Washington D.C. puts the burden on administrative issues with the doctor.

“Currently it takes doctors 40 percent of their time writing up justifications for procedures to get approval. Under the Family Managed Health Care System these requirements would go away,” Bond says. “This would result in free time for doctors.”

Another issue this plan includes is tort reform. “All doctors would be charged an additional 1 percent merchant fee to be put into a malpractice fund in order to cover any lawsuits,” Bond said.

The malpractice portion would include an arbitration board that must review all claims of malpractice and make a determination of an appropriate settlement before the case can be taken to court, according to Bond.

As the health care reform legislation heats up, Bond feels the time is right to insert his ideas into the negotiations. “I think this plan will gain traction as people begin looking for a solution that is compatible with the principles of free market, non-government intervention and individual responsibility.”

Like most Americans who are speaking out across this country at town halls, Bond intends to do his part when it comes to health care.

“Health care is the family first issue that strikes directly at the heart of the social mandates that government has been using to undermine the family,” Bond explains. “I intend to correct the mistakes of the last 40 years and create systems that incrementally move the nation back to one founded on the strength and value of the American family.”

Doctors hold all the power, according to Bond. By publishing their rates online, the free market will create a downward pressure therefore reducing overall health care costs. Once the family is in charge of their own health care, the industry will see a shift into the preventative mode.

The current focus of asking doctors who they want to work for, the government, insurance companies or themselves is front and center. This is the only plan that makes it possible for doctors to remain in control of their business and receive direct payment for medical services.

For more information on this 65-page health care alternative; http://www.smart-web.org/fmhc

For more stories; http://www.examiner.com/x-10317-San-Diego-County-Political-Buzz-Examiner

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