Got government health insurance?

Government health insurance is NOT government run. Top health insurance companies like Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Aenta provide employees with the best choices, something the average Joe could only dream about.

Lawmakers and employees start their Federal Employee Health Benefits process at the Office of Personnel Management office (OPM). This site directs employees through the maze of coverage that is provided by the government with prices starting at $35 per month.

The one-stop website is a smorgasbord of choice for health, vision, dental, life, flexible spending accounts as well as long-term care. The list gives government workers 43 pages of insurance options including all the highest-performing private health care insurance companies in the U.S.

Sign me up for government-run health insurance. Wait a minute, this program would not be provided to everyone in the country, only the special government workers.

The ‘Gold-Plated’ plans cost the U.S. taxpayer more than $15 billion per year to cover the estimated 8.5 million local, state and federal employees. Does your employer cover 65 percent of your health care costs? The government does, according to OPM.

Yes, the government worker not only receives a wide variety of choices at discount prices, but they have the ability to purchase insurance across state lines, something congress isn’t adding in their $1.6 trillion health care overhaul. Nor will Americans be able to get the quality and choices Congress now enjoys.

Each time members have had an opportunity to remove their families from the luxurious medical insurance plans, the lawmakers took the low road and voted no. What is good for the goose is not good for the gander in this situation.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the gang would like to continue their lifetime, yes lifetime benefits just the way they are. There have been several GOP lawmakers who have tried, and failed, to add amendments to the proposed package that would force Congress and their families to sign up for government-controlled health care.

Among the GOP members demanding what’s good for the collective is good for the Congress are, Rep. John Fleming- LA, Rep. Tom Price- GA, Rep. Dean Heller- NV and Senator Tom Coburn- OK. All of the proposals by these lawmakers were nixed by Democrats.

Some extra special options federal employees receive with their health care plan is the ability to choose plans with a ‘no coverage limit’ clause and tailor make their plan to cover spouse/children who may be chronically ill at lower costs. These added benefits result in protecting government workers from financial peril. The government really does care about the little people.

There is no probationary waiting period and no need to worry about pesky preexisting conditions for members of Congress and their families. Congress also has a health treatment center located between the House and Senate building, how convenient.

Due to the extremely high costs to the employer, the government, it would be impossible to offer this type of health insurance to the rest of the country.

Currently the only member of Congress to go without government provided health insurance is Steve Kagen-D, WI. He recently had knee surgery and bargained with all the providers in order to cover the costs.

Kagen contends that if all lawmakers went without health care, knowing this could be the night I lose my house because of a health care emergency; “The health care problem would be fixed in a week.”

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