President’s weekly address contain untruths according to CRS

In a report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the organization took the President to task over his weekly radio address that claimed to expel myths in the health care bill.

“There is just one problem: his (the President) statements don’t match the facts,” CRS said.

The President’s address began with a “false claim that illegal immigrants will not get health insurance under reform.” CRS reports that there are numerous loopholes in the House legislation will offer benefits to illegal aliens.

“Democrats can keep claiming all they want that illegal immigrants will not be covered in this bill,” says House Judiciary Committee ranking member, Lamar Smith-R-TX. “Democrats have rejected opportunities to close the gaping loopholes in this health care bill that will allow illegal immigrants to participate.”

According to CRS, the H.R. 3200 health care bill does not contain any restrictions on noncitizens- whether legally or illegally present or in the U.S. temporarily or permanently – participating in the newly formed Health Exchange.

“American people are more intelligent than the President gives them credit for,” Smith said. “They understand that simply saying illegal immigrants can’t participate without providing verification is like putting a speed-limit sign on a road, then setting a policy that prohibits police from patrolling the road; it won’t stop speeders and this bill won’t stop illegal immigrants from benefiting.”

Provisions within the House bill would leave such decisions to a Health Choices Commissioner (Commissioner). Under section 142(a)(3) of the bill, it is the responsibility of the Commissioner to administer the “individual affordability credits under subtitle C of title II, including determination of eligibility for such credits, according to CRS.

It is also worth it to point out that there are nearly two million families in the United States where illegal parents have U.S.-born children, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. The current health care bill doesn’t draw clear distinctions in this situation.

The White House continues to say there are 47 million uninsured people in the country and that they will cover everyone- really?

Included in that number are people residing in this country illegally, approximately one-third of those numbers are illegal aliens.

So what is it Mr. President are you going to cover illegals or not?

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