Congresswoman Davis’ town hall gets rowdy

A ruckus crowd in California confronted Democrat Congresswoman Susan Davis on health care. The noticeably ‘no’ on HR3200 audience grilled Davis and held her accountable about her forthcoming vote on the health care issue.

The town hall began with a short speech reiterating the need for health care reform; this would be the last time Davis had control of the conversation as questions spurning the $1.6 trillion health care proposal in the House were front and center.

A robust debate ensued with tough questions like; “Are you going to vote how your constituents want? A poll you put up on your website about health care asked ‘Do you want health care reform?’ 85 percent of the voters said no.”

With all due respect this poll is not scientific.

Davis danced around the topic but eventually she indicated that she was in favor of a public option. The standing-room only crowd erupted with boos at the prospect of another congressperson not voting the will of the people.

The district which Davis resides is an upscale neighborhood of La Jolla. Several attempts to reach Davis were fruitless as her San Diego and Washington D.C. offices did not want to wade into her health care vote.

When a constituent asked how Washington D.C. expects to pay for this expensive plan when the national debt and deficit stand in the trillions of dollars? “We will raise taxes on the wealthy.”

That must be music to the ears for the rich folks who live along the prestigious California coastline in Davis’ district.

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