Tea Party event concludes (Part Three)

The day-long Tea Party rally in Sacramento fired up more than 10,000 Patriots and dispelled myths and argued facts about a variety of hot-button issues, including the plight of Central California farmers, logging industry, health care and cape-and-trade.

Longtime motivational speaker and probable California congressional candidate Mason Weaver revved up the crowd with his humor and more importantly, candor.

Weaver, who happens to be black, says “we are all American’s no hyphen required.”

He went on to explain how the current administration is busy taking away basic freedoms and compared the current administration to plantation owners. “You have 100 percent employment, you have a house, you have food, but what they forget to remind you of is you have no freedom!”

“American’s voted for hope and change, but what they got was rope and chains,” Weaver shouted to the excited audience. “If this is a mob, where do I sign up?”

In an effort to corral all the industries threatened in the state, Dr. Bill Wattenburg talk show host of KGO AM 810 fame, urged truckers to use their vehicles as anti-campaigning vehicles and target politicians who oppose industries required to keep California afloat.

A mish mash of booths encouraged voters to get involved and ensure their voices are heard. One such booth targeted Republican Assemblyman Anthony Adams for recall. Eagle-eyed voters are taking him to task because he voted for a tax and spend budget in California. “We’re not going to take it anymore from either side,” they said.

So far the recall Adam group has raised $100,000 and has gathered nearly enough signatures. Chandra Chell of “Recall Adam” said, “We are very close.”

Another Republican recall was announced against state Senator Roy Ashburn of Bakersfield. His constituents were furious of his ‘yes’ vote for a tax and spend Sacramento as well.

California’s anti-business policies continue with the proposed ban on big screen televisions. “In three weeks the California Energy Commission is set to ban the sales of big screen TVs in California by 2011,” Charlie Martinez said. “I stand to lose a large part of my business. How many jobs, money and taxes does California want to lose to other states?”

The electric buzz throughout the day only ignited the already mad voters looking for ways to make a change. It is clear the 2010 elections are going to have a big impact throughout the country and many have noted the “sleeping giant has been awakened.”

Starting from a grassroots level, Virginia Fuller, a black emigrant from the Netherlands plans to run for office in the minority-based, 7th district. “I will stand for smaller government.”

Her first big speech was greeted warmly and she spoke with enthusiasm, Leslie Eastman said; “She is very dynamic and charismatic.”

Many of the organic protesters had a bone to pick with California’s Air Resources Board. This particular California regulation department will hit the trucking industry hard. Shelly Archer has an 18 employee trucking business in Ukiah, CA.

The state will be phasing out diesel engines used by truckers beginning 2011-2013. “The cost is $40,000 per engine and there is no way I can change over my 18 trucks and stay in business,” Archer explained.

The last time Archer was part of the political process was during the Ronald Reagan governorship. “I took 35 letters from my high school to the Capital in order to get smoking out of our bathrooms in high school. Reagan himself came out and talked to me!”

While the event was taking place there were more than 200 truckers circling the California capital, all were on their own time and paid for the fuel in an effort to alert the country that California truckers are under siege. According to one trucker, law enforcement stated there would be an $800 fine for honking their horns. California can find a way to tax everything.

Hundreds of homemade signs circulated through the sea of voters. Save a farmer, eat a fish, and Term limits! Honesty!! And Politicians pay your taxes!!! Is a sampling of the many creative signs.

Daniel Linder of California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) says that California has the most regulations in the U.S. “It is so expensive to just get a degree and a license in the Forestry industry.”

“As a state, California imports 70 percent of lumber for building, while our over-stocked forests are responsible for devastating wildfires that creates 55 million metric tons of pollution each year,” Linder explains. “Californians pay $1.4 billion each year on taxes to fight wildfires rather than use the lumber.”

The tea party rally insisted California state legislature repeal AB 32 (cap-and-trade) and reduce government regulation – not pile on more.

By the end of the day the message could not have been any clearer.

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A special thank you to my eyes and ears, Leslie Eastman!

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