Cap-and-trade is moving forward in the Senate Boxer says

In a joint statement from Democrat Senators Barbara Boxer-CA and John Kerry-MA, the Senate version of cap-and-trade legislation will be moving forward in late September.

The bill proposed by the Senators claims to create millions of clean energy jobs, reduce dependence on foreign oil and ensure America’s place in a clean energy economy.

Adversaries of the bill say the legislation is nothing more than a giant tax increase on the American taxpayer and without global participation with India and China, all the clean energy would be for not.

The delay in cap-and-trade discussions came from the intensive work taking place with the health care issue that has engulfed the nation, according to the Senators.

Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid-D NV, “agreed to provide some additional time to work on the final details of our bill, and to reach out to colleagues and important stakeholders,” Boxer said.

“We have told the Majority Leader that our goal is to introduce our bill later in September,” Boxer finished.

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