7 of the 10 richest politicians are Democrats

According to the Hill’s yearly ‘50 Rich List’ seven of the 10 lawmakers are Democrats. However, of the 50; 24 are Republicans and 26 are Democrats.

The following is an accounting of the top 10 richest lawmakers;

#1 Senator John Kerry-(D Mass.) is worth $167.8 million with his wife/ $750 million.

#2 Congressman Darrell Issa-(R Calif.) is worth $164.8 million

#3 Congresswoman Jane Harmon-(D Calif.) is worth $112.2 million

#4 Senator Jay Rockefeller-(D W. Va.) is worth $80.4 million

#5 Congressman Jared Polis-(D Colo.) is worth $71.2 million

#6 Congressman Vern Buchanan-(R Fla.) is worth $50.2 million

#7 Senator Diane Feinstein-(D Calif.) is worth $43.6 million

#8 Congressman Harry Teague-(D N.Mex.) is worth $40.3 million

#9 Congressman Michael McCaul-(R Tex.) is worth $38.2 million

#10 Congressman Alan Grayson-(D Fla.) is worth $31 million

It looks like a career in politics can pay off!

For more stories; http://www.examiner.com/x-10317-San-Diego-County-Political-Buzz-Examin

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