Poem Lady gets the ear of Congress

The following is a poem written for a town hall meeting in Vista, California. The author is not a writer, but a business major. She is not paid and says she’s part of the “we the people.” What caught my eye is Terri caught the ear of every person in the standing-room only high school gymnasium. She wasn’t a Democrat or Republican, she was a “we the people,” wanting her Congressmen, Duncan Hunter and Darrell Issa to bring some honestly and forthrightness back to the greatest country that God created – the United States of America.

I have not forgotten…

I have not forgotten in the late hours of Oct, 1999 Congress deregulated the banks and caused our economic collapse.

I have not forgotten the Republican Congress, along with Feinstein, Kennedy, Biden and other Democrats who voted for this atrocity.

I have not forgotten Clinton signed this bill, without even a veto.

I have not forgotten the bank lobbyists spent millions and millions over 20 years to Congress for their precious deregulation.

I have not forgotten.

I have not forgotten that Bush requested the first stimulus package, with 80% of the people calling their Congress yelling “NO”.

I have not forgotten the change Obama promised before signing the second stimulus package.

I have not forgotten.

I have not forgotten who controls Congress. The lobbyists.

I have not forgotten the broken promises by both parties to remove lobbyists on day one.

I have not forgotten the bills coming out of Congress, written by Congress for the lobbyists, passed without reading them, and entered into law.

I have not forgotten.

I have not forgotten you, Congressman Issa, a man who won the people’s heart by leading the fight and successfully ousting Gray Davis.

I have not forgotten that you are a leader among leaders, nor I hope, have you forgotten that you are simply a man among men.

I have not forgotten.

I have not forgotten my grandmother, God bless her soul, who taught me that cash is cheaper than credit, and cash is cheaper than insurance.

I ask you to return to Washington and fight the good fight that you know so well how to do! Kick the lobbyists out so that We, the people, can benefit from our Congress!

Now I’d like to ask a question of the people here… how many here have gone to your employer and asked to receive a wage increase instead of health insurance?

How many people here believe Congress is being corrupted by all that money in Washington?

-Terri Linnell, author

*The following poem will be entered into the Library of Congress by Congressman Issa, who was moved by Terri’s passion for her country.

For more stories; http://www.examiner.com/x-10317-San-Diego-County-Political-Buzz-Examiner

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