Nightingale discusses California’s future at rally in Oceanside

The latest entry into the gubernatorial race in California, Chelene Nightingale opens up after a Stop Taxing Us rally, where she and Congressman Darrell Issa-R Calif. spoke to a crowd of 3,000. If the short speech meant anything, Nightingale was warmly received.

Nightingale started the year out unsure what the future would hold, little did she know that a run for California’s highest office was in the works. Ever so candid, Nightingale has embraced her political career and looks forward to the long hours ahead of her as the race for Sacramento pushes forward.

“Overwhelmingly positive,” is how Nightingale explains her governor’s bid. “A majority of us are waking up to the fact that our two-party system is failing us and thus are seeking alternatives.”

This mother of one is running on the Constitution Party ticket, and points out that she “is not a career politician.”

Taking the helm of a top 10 economy like California lends itself to daunting decision making. For this enormous task, Nightingale will seek assistance from many in order to find solutions for what ails California. “As the campaign progresses I will reach out to experts like Gerald Celente.”

Celente is a trends researcher for the Trends Research Institute and has appeared on a number of news stations like CNN and Fox News.

Looking to the largest problem California faces, job creation, Nightingale proposes drastically reducing the tax businesses have to pay to do business in the state. “Currently California is home to the nation’s highest business taxes and the worst employment laws.”

She continues to say that the state can not continue to penalize businesses for creating job opportunities. “Unfortunately our state legislature has chased many of these industries (aerospace, aircraft, entertainment and technology) out of the state which has created major job losses and revenue.”

Tackling the state legislature issue is a point of contention for Nightingale. “If I’m elected the California State Legislature will become part-time and I will do what I can to return our state to a republic.”

In recent years the Golden State has lost its luster and forced many to flee the highest-tax rates in the country. “I love this state. We have everything – beaches, mountains, amusement parks, Hollywood and the famous Golden Gate Bridge.”

Her enthusiastic memories of California give way to the present state of California. Things like traffic, lack of infrastructure and lack of resources are directly responsible for holding California back, says Nightingale.

“Restoring our Golden State will take dedication, sacrifice, time, effort and determination. People want to enjoy a decent quality of life without stressing about high taxes,” she explains.

Taking care of California’s Central Valley is also a priority for Nightingale and she would make every effort to help the farmers severely affected by the lack of water California has let flow to the fields.

“Human beings are more important than fish,” she emphatically states. “I would contact the ‘God Squad’ and declare an emergency consideration to reverse the court’s decision in order to allow water to be pumped into the Central Valley.”

Immigration is another big issue that affects the daily livelihood of the state. Solving this tremendous issue requires determination and the ability to understand the complexity of immigration.

“I firmly oppose the Dream Act for illegal aliens. In fact, I oppose all public benefits for those here illegally. I support the California Taxpayer Protection Act of 2010,” Nightingale explains. “This ballot initiative will limit the funds children of illegal immigrants could receive and puts in place a rule for illegal parents to verify their legal status in the state.”

Many in Washington D.C. believe that the U.S./Mexico borders are secure however, Nightingale couldn’t disagree more. “I would call upon the National Guard to help our courageous Border Patrol agents to secure the border.”

She goes on to explain that the murder of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas should have been an alarming warning to the current governor. “Our state representatives need to immediately take action and secure our state’s border to protect our citizens.”

Finally she discusses the Second Amendment. “I’m the daughter of a military war veteran. My father served our country and believed in our Constitutional rights.”

As a result of her father’s belief, Nightingale thinks the assault on gun rights in California needs to be stopped. “I fully support those rights today and oppose government taking away our guns.”

By the grace of God, Nightingale expects to cope with the rigors of campaigning across the state seeking the Governorship. “My family will be by my side through this process.”

The independent streak Nightingale possesses leaves no doubt she is up for the challenge.

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