California targets ammunition sales

Another attack on the Second Amendment in California could result is less ammunition for gun owners and more paperwork for gun retailers. California’s AB 962 legislation has been introduced by Democrat Assembly member Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles.

Gun owners find California’s AB 962 a serious threat to the right’s of law-abiding gun owners in the state. Assemblyman de Leon couldn’t disagree more. “These simple rules governing handgun ammunition will protect police officers, families and children from deadly gun violence,” he said.

Since March the bill has undergone some changes. One such provision within the bill that has been removed would have forced retailers to be licensed in order to sell ammunition. Although this provision was stripped, many gun owners in the state feel they must always remain alert or their guns will be taken away altogether.

California has quickly become known as a state that runs business, well, out of business. Regulations, taxes and unfriendly legislators in Sacramento have run the once Golden State into the Pacific Ocean.

That being said, AB 962 still contains rules that gun owners don’t appreciate. First, retail store owners will have to make the ammunition inaccessible from purchasers. The legislation requires individuals buying ammunition to be fingerprinted at the time of the sale.

AB 962 would also mandate that ammunition dealers keep these records and have them available for inspection by the Department of Justice. Gun owners believe this may cause some dealers to stop selling ammunition altogether.

Finally, mail order ammunition sales will be banned in California under AB 962.

Gun-rights activists encourage all responsible gun owners to contact their state representatives to voice their concern regarding this new anti-gun bill.

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