San Diego Sheriff deployed military crowd control device at Congressional town halls

The increasing frustration with politicians and overflow crowds attending August town halls led San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore to place military-type crowd control devices at two area town hall meetings.

Rep. Susan Davis-D Calif. and Rep. Darrell Issa-R Calif. held town halls that exceeded capacity (10,000+ total attendees) and prompted the Sheriff’s Department to have Long-Range Acoustic Devices(LRADs) standing ready.

Both town halls took place without incident; however the use of the military device concerned San Diegians. The LRAD crowd control is primarily used in Iraq to control insurgents and can cause serious and lasting harm to humans.

According to the manufacture, American Technology Corporation, the LRAD provides “military personnel the capability to transition through the rules of engagement to determine a target’s intent and also provides greater assurance that innocent lives on both sides of the device are not lost due to miscommunication.”

That being said why would local law enforcement feel the need to have such drastic measures on standby? Did the Sheriff Department have reason to believe a catastrophe was in the making?

In an interview with East County Magazine, Sheriff Gore answered a couple of questions. When asked about the use of sonic cannons directing a deterrent sound and the fact they are used in Iraq, Sheriff Gore replied; “That’s a precaution in case you need it.”

Gore also stipulated that his deputies had all the training required to use the LRADs.

The possible use of military arsenal against American citizens drew fire from both sides of the political fray. It was Liberty One Radio, a San Diego-based station that led to the uncovering of the LRAD use.

A spokesman from Congressman Issa’s office had no comment on the LRADs being placed at the town hall in Vista, CA. where Issa spoke.

Also, behind the scenes Americans are skeptical that Sheriff Gore should be using anything of this magnitude in light of his connection to the Ruby Ridge, Idaho incident.

Gore was part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation team and was believed to have issued the order to kill on sight – any member of the family who showed themselves, according to a source close to the case. This mishandling and loss of life resulted in Gore leaving the FBI. Two civilians were killed, an unarmed woman holding a baby as well as a minor child.

The debacle cost the American taxpayer $3.1 million dollars when a wrongful death suit was brought against the federal government. In August of 1995 the government paid the Weaver family of Ruby Ridge an out-of-court settlement.

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