Rodriguez regains his footing at X-Games, takes gold

At X-Games 15 familiar names dropped to the bottom, one broke his ankle and Paul Rodriguez snagged the top spot in the street course competition.

With the temperatures soaring in the nineties, the stadium packed like sardines and virtually so shade, X-Game attendees were treated to grinding, flipping and perfect landings which ended with Rodriguez claiming all the marbles.

He never skated from behind and as each round ended, Rodriguez’s scores kept climbing further from the other five competitors.

With Gold never really in question it was up to the rest of the field to fight for the silver and bonze podium spots.

Eventually it was the 14-year-old youngster, Nyjah Huston, who came away with the silver medal. Huston, who is known for his long, long dreadlocks, wowed the crowd through the X-Games contest with his youthful lines and laid back attitude.

Finally third was taken by Adam Dyet.

Crowd favorite, Ryan Sheckler, was never really in the mix. His first run was well off the pace and as a result placed last in the pack, by the third round he went down hard off a rail.

Sheckler was taken away in the third round by the paramedics and ultimately suffered a broken ankle and would not finish the skate street competition and took last place.

The fourth and fifth place slots went to Rodolfo Ramos and Nick Dompierre respectively.

Accepting the gold medal with his typical boyish grin, Rodriguez reclaimed his place at the top of the podium assuring his return to X-Games 16.

The scoreboard and points are below;

1. Paul Rodriguez 390 points

2. Nyjah Huston 364 points

3. Adam Dyet 349 points

4. Rodolfo Ramos 348 points

5. Nick Dompierre 310 points

6. Ryan Sheckler 221 points

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