Surprise, main stream media dropped the ball on tea parties again

Yesterday more than a million Democrat, Republican and Independent American citizens gathered in Washington D.C. The protesters were standing up for the country’s drastic change to big government in a time of deep recession.

It amazed me that reading coverage about the thousands of events that took place across the country and the big enchilada in D.C.; no one would have learned that there was anybody other than the conservative right in attendance.

Try telling that to the lifetime Democrats, who are seniors, who say they are literally fighting for their lives. Try telling the young adults who are politically active for the first time in their life and realize the numbers don’t stack up.

It’s funny how the main stream media, and by that I include ABC, CBS, NBC and all the big city newspapers, will report on a handful of Code Pink protesters sitting at former President Bush’s house, but fail to recognize the million plus of ordinary working-class citizens spending their vacation money to donate to candidates or attend rallies.

Equally disturbing is the silence from the White House about the noticeable crowds outside their home. Former President Bush actually talked to Cindy Sheehan of Code Pink, but President Obama can’t take the time to listen and respond to the million plus concerned U.S. citizens.

In the President’s address to the joint Congress on Wednesday, I thought he said his door was open to all when it came to the health care discussion. Really? Was the White House closed yesterday? Apparently to real Americans it was indeed closed – closed minded and closed eared.

I challenge the White House and the main stream media to put the kool-aid down for 30 minutes and actually walk around a tea party event and talk to the crowd anonymously.

Ask questions and don’t be condescending. Just listen and then maybe you will understand the concerns of these hard-working Americans. Many of whom have fought for this country’s freedom, paid their fair share of taxes and don’t want a cumbersome government to solve every problem.

In the words of a tea party attendee; “We the people are capable of taking care of ourselves, thank you very much!”

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