ACORNs keep falling, community organizing under the microscope, kind of

Count them- four tapes, four different cities and four different employees have been fired. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has lost all credibility and excuses are quickly running out.

To be fair, the undercover reporters did try this at other ACORN offices and were turned away, but to date four ACORN outfits didn’t turn these potential clients out on their butts or call the police.

The time has come for the President to cut his ties to yet another organization/close associate. It’s taken four tapes to prove that ACORN has a trouble record when it comes to hiring community organizers. The group has already received $53 million of taxpayer money.

ACORN is being investigated for voter registration fraud in 14 states and is seen on tape endorsing brothels, tax evasion and under-age sex slaves. Yet the response from the left and ACORN themselves is ‘Fox news made this up, the tapes were doctored, racist and this is nothing more than a smear campaign against the poor. Really? That’s the best you’ve got?

Allegations leveled against ACORN run the gamut; tax evasion, prostitution, pimping, brothels, illegal human trafficking and the worst – under-age sex slaves.

How can employees not bat an eyelash at the possibility of bringing in 12-14-year-old girls from El Salvador to be used as sex slaves? Has the morality of this country sunk so low that we care so little of young girls?

At least the U.S. Senate has weighed in and with a vote of 83-7 to block future funds set aside for ACORN in the amount of $1.6 million. The money was earmarked for the Federal Housing Department that assists low-income people obtain loan and tax advice.

Employees of the organization are on tape telling undercover reporters how to skirt tax law and claim under-age sex slaves as dependents on their tax returns. Where are the women advocacy groups? Where’s the tax man?

Congress is currently drawing up papers to sanction Congressman Joe Wilson-R N.C. for a ‘you lie’ comment blurted out at the President’s joint session of Congress speech. A speech some question was warranted in the first place, unless the President is calling for war on the health care issue.

Who exactly is standing up for women and under-age girls? Although this was the work of undercover journalists, this really happens. Human trafficking is taking place at our southern borders all the time.

It’s time for American to stand up to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and say enough! It’s time to get a spine and stand up for the little person. It’s time to say we are not going to take this anymore. It’s time to vote the enablers out of office.

It’s time for a contract with the American people and this time we mean it.

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