Add human trafficking to the job description of ACORN employees

Earth to ACORN, your criminal ways are about to come to an end. Even liberal California is looking into your illegal activity and the Terminator-Governor Schwarzenegger – is looking for answers.

In a letter to State Attorney General, Edmond Brown Jr. the Governor points out the allegedly illegal activity taking place at California Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) offices is cause for concern.

“Given this (recent news reports) I believe it is appropriate that your office launch a full investigation into ACORN’s activities in California,” Schwarzenegger’s letter read. “My administration stands ready to assist in any way necessary.”

While lawmakers at the state and national level consider what action to take against ACORN who currently receives federal tax dollars, ACORN officials say they will probe their own organization.

The question is, will this be a thorough house cleaning or will it simply be something ACORN board members say they are doing to get the media off their backs?

Bertha Lewis of ACORN says ardent Obama supporters like John Podesta, president of Centers for American Progress and Andrew Stern of the Service Employees International Union will work with ACORN. These aren’t the best choices to head an investigation as both endorse and assist with funding for ACORN.

White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs said at the daily press briefing; “I think everyone would agree that the administration takes accountability extremely seriously.”

The mindset of ACORN higher-ups is still looking to deflect attention from the serious allegations and sue the 25-year-old filmmaker James O’Keefe and 20-year-old Hannah Giles, who is just a journalism student.

The latest video in the series shows an ACORN employee offering to help the undercover pimp and prostitute smuggle in 12-13-year-old under-age girls from Mexico. The employee even takes it a step further and tells the couple he has contacts that can get them through the Tijuana/San Diego border without incident.

As far as the tapes go, states this will be the last tape released for the time being, but they clearly allude to the fact they have more ACORN tapes in the hopper.

According to the website, the couple did not get kicked out of any ACORN offices as some in the left-learning media floated. In fact, the two undercover journalists were surprised they did not get arrested by police.

As a result of the news coverage the Federal Census Bureau has pulled back from ACORN and claims they will not let the community organizing outfit conduct U.S. Census population counting.

“I think the Census Bureau evaluated and determined that this group could not meet the bureau’s goal of achieving a fair and accurate count in 2010,” Gibbs said.

The federal government has also cut funds to ACORN pending an investigation. Some still remain skeptical. Michelle Malkin reports, “It’s a systematic problem, ACORN just throws its employees under the bus.”

She encourages reporters to continue their investigations into the left-wing mortgage and counseling scam organization.

This is a point that San Diego Congressman Duncan Hunter-R Calif. agrees with. “It is outrageous that ACORN still receives taxpayer funding following repeated revelations of unethical behavior.”

“ACORN should not only be investigated for what is apparently a consistent pattern of misconduct, but it should also not receive another penny of taxpayer support,” he said.

Congressman Hunter is a cosponsor of H.R. 3571, legislation that would deny federal funding for ACORN.

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