Its official, Mason Weaver will run for Congress with grass roots support

After a whirlwind tour that started in Sacramento and ended in Washington D.C., Mason Weaver, a self -professed conservative, will launch a grassroots campaign against Susan Davis-D Calif. The journey to decision making took Weaver to eight tea party rallies across the country.

“Americans are screaming that they want representation. I’ve decided to give it to them,” Weaver says.

Weaver who is known for saying “I’m black, no hyphen required,” says all the paper work will be filed next week.

“I’ve been encouraged from a broad spectrum of leaders, spiritual, economical, grass roots and most importantly my family and friends to represent the people in California in 2010,” he says.

This normally shy guy says God took a shy person who stuttered and made him into a public speaker and now a possible Congressman.

After meeting with former Majority Leader for the Republicans, Dick Armey, who leads Freedom Works, Weaver decided he was tired of “seeing the hollow look in voters eyes who reside in his 53rd district .”

Looking to what locked his decision to run in the often seedy-world of politics Weaver says this; “On 9/12 I spoke in Washington D.C. at the very location where Martin Luther King gave his famous speech. I was honored to speak to four times as many Americans as MLK. These people really care about their country- I was truly humbled.”

Anyone who knows Weaver also knows he is great at giving the press a five-second sound bite, today was no different.

“The 9-12 rally was attended by close to two million people. It was a Conservative Woodstock, no drugs, just love.”

When it comes to the good fight in Washington D.C. Weaver admits he knows how to play the liberal game. “You have to keep them on topic no matter how they try to change it.”

Looking forward to the grueling campaign schedule, Weaver expects to speak the truth without being forced to think in five-second sound bites.

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