Carmel Valley Skate Park has a frequent visitor, Andy MacDonald

If you are looking to skate with X-Game veteran Andy MacDonald, you might try the Carmel Valley Skate Park. MacDonald, who lives in San Diego, got his professional start in the many skate parks in San Diego County.

When he first thought about a career in skating he began earning his keep by working at Sea World. Yes, MacDonald donned character costumes for the sea-life theme park.

MacDonald is a skating pioneer and he was the first one to pull off a back flip on a skate board-at the time it was eye popping. Since then he has progressed by ollieing and kick flipping the big-air ramp at the X-Games.

He is a true skater and hasn’t missed an X-Games competition in the entire 15-year history. He is one of only a handful of competitors to have that honor.

This old-school skater attributes his longevity to a healthy lifestyle and constant time on a skateboard. Sometimes MacDonald skates 6-8 hours per day. He trains in every skate discipline, Vert, pool, big-air and the traditional street.

MacDonald also admits he is not a big party animal and he represents a true laid-back Southern California lifestyle, one that he dreamed about while growing up in Boston.

Want to see MacDonald?

The Carmel Valley Skate Park is open 7-days-a-week and does have lights making skating under the lights great for those who can’t make the day sessions.

The park opened in November of 2008. It is comprised of 13,500 square-foot facility with a challenging concrete pool. Included in this park are urban elements like stairs, rails, banks, stairs, quarter pipe, hips and angles.

For those who need to use the facilities there is plenty of shade and sitting areas to take a break.

Also for those skater dudes on a budget, Carmel Valley is perfect because it’s gratis or free for the non-gringos. For kids under the age of 14, a responsible adult must supervise the little groms.

Also, the park requires all skate dudes to where a helmet and pads. There are no scooters or bicycles allowed inside the park.

For those thinking they can sneak into the park without being caught, will be happy to know that the 5 0s make frequent stops at the Carmel Valley location.

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