DeVore has his eye on Ma’am Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat

Looking ahead to the 2010 election, Chuck DeVore hopes a Reagan-style landslide is in his future. This five-year veteran in the California State Assembly sees this upcoming election as a way to change the future.

Speaking before a tea party crowd in El Cajon, seasoned-politician DeVore took a few jabs at the sitting Senator, Boxer, as well as the ACORN scandal.

“There are two reasons why I am running against Ma’am Boxer; because we so badly need to beat her,” the crowd erupts with applause.” And number two, I know we can do it in 2010,” DeVore enthusiastically said.

Talking about the deficit and out-of-control spending in Washington D.C., DeVore says you and the person to your right and left are paying taxes, “this isn’t an ACORN rally.”

Since he began his quest to replace Boxer a few months back, this Conservative Republican has made more than 130 public appearances garnering support from San Francisco to San Diego.

After an El Cajon tea party event, DeVore took some time to answer questions about what he will do if elected Senator.

Q. Recently two San Diego town hall meetings were the center of controversy when Sheriff Gore placed military Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) at events discussing health care. What’s your reaction?

A. I don’t feel comfortable with that at all. It’s a right to meet with elected officials and you don’t want a free people who want to assemble to feel intimidated. If I was California’s Senator, I’d immediately ask the Sheriff why they (LRAD) were placed at the event and why I wasn’t informed before my town hall if there was a credible threat. I’m not afraid of my constituents.

Q. If you were elected to the Senate, what would you do with the health care issue?

A. I won’t vote for anything that expands government and takes away freedom, period. There are many things you can do to improve the delivery of health care without fundamentally altering 1/7th of the U.S. economy.

Q. What if health care passes, what would you do?

A. It will sink the country. I would move immediately to repeal legislation because this bill will result in long lines, rationing and a shortage of doctors and nurses. It (health care) will be a mitigated disaster. My advice to those in Washington; don’t do it, it will ruin American lives as well as yours.

Q. What are the top three issues facing California/America?

A. The massive increase in government starting with the first bailout under President Bush. We need to stop the massive spending spree taking place in Washington D.C. We need to reduce taxes for the people as well as businesses and we need to stop the Sacramento politicians from being a model for the country. We have the highest unemployment, most regulations and AB32 is California’s cap and trade. The Waxman/Markley bill will guide the country towards California’s already downward spiral.

Q. Do you think the tea party movement could shift the country’s voting patterns?

A. You are seeing the American people waking up, now that Obama’s hope and change has become a reality – they realized they are getting something they did not vote for. What the other side misses about the tea parties is the fact that there are Democrats, Independents as well as Republicans looking for something different. Obama has been successful at one thing – reawakening the American spirit.

Q. How can you stop the President from hiring all these Czars?

A. The reason Obama appointed so many Czars is they don’t need to be approved and he is setting up a shadow cabinet that’s extra Constitutional. If we get the majority in 2010, the first thing I will do is draw up legislation to de-fund the Czars. Unless they want to work for free, they will lose their jobs.

Q. What are the stark differences between you and Senator Barbara Boxer?

A. A nation has a right to secure its borders. It’s not enough to authorize funds to build a fence; you have to allocate the money, something Boxer has failed to do. We have a right to know if drugs, money, guns and suitcases full of bombs are making their way into our sovereign nation. I don’t believe in Amnesty.

Here’s how you talk about immigration. Is it fair to people who applied legally and let people who broke into the country cut in line? If we do that we send a message to the world that we don’t respect our own laws. This leads them to believe that we are like the very countries they (illegal immigrants) are fleeing in the first place.

Domestic energy production is another area I want to move forward with. Currently the mood has shifted in California and most want to develop the oil and nuclear technologies. We need to be less dependent on countries that don’t like us very much. Plus these industries would create jobs and a local tax base, something California really needs. It’s good to remember there isn’t anyone in the world that would produce safer more environmentally-friendly technology.

Recently the residents in Santa Barbara voted to get the oil rigs operational again. There are environmental impact reports that prove if the oil was extracted the natural seeping that takes place would ease and there would be less oil in the ocean than there is right now. Bottom line open oil rigs would be better for the environment.

Also, the most efficient and clean energy is nuclear power; we need to move forward with building these energy saving power plants. The legislation sitting in Washington D.C. will only shift jobs to China and increase greenhouse gases around the world. The end result is a certain large tax increase for all American citizens.

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