ACORN has it all sleaze, sex and is not done

The tip of the iceberg reared its ugly head this week and a couple of 20 something’s took down an entire ACORN organization something Fox News Channel was unable to do.

Legislation sponsored by House Republican Darrell Issa-Calif, found strong bi-partisan support 345-75. All the decent came from Democrats who remain slow to see the Association of Community Organization for Reform Now’s vapid corruption.

One of those voting to keep funding the corrupt 501c ACORN outfit was Rep Bob Filner-D who resides in the district of the latest video tape-San Diego.

The bill that passed will simply de-fund ACORN and stop anymore money headed to the organization to be withheld- like the $8.5 billion in the stimulus funds.

Not waiting for the federal government some state governors have already taken action to start individual investigations. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger-R in one of those taking action.

Governor Bobby Jindal-R LA has issued an executive order halting all state funds to any ACORN organizations. The agreement also precludes any state agency from entering into any contracts with ACORN.

“ACORN’s resume reads more like a rap sheet,” says Rep Trent Franks-R AZ. “Big government equals big corruption.”

The past week has seen plenty of ACORN employees being fired, erroneous behavior exposed and silence from the White House.

Local California Congressional candidate, Mason Weaver says, “You can’t trust ACORN and they are unworthy of federal funds.”

He continues to say ACORN violated the law and has a history of deceit embedded in a culture of corruption.

The corrupt behavior on the tapes included tax evasion, prostitution, pimping, defrauding the government to receive federal money to set up brothels and the worst bringing in under-age illegal girls to perform sex acts.

Looming in Washington is the fact that both the House and the Senate have voted to stop ACORN from receiving funds, but the legislation has to be reconciled in conference before it can head to the Oval Office for a signature from Obama.

There has been no indication from the White House whether the President who has close ties to ACORN, would pen his signature.

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