Border Patrol remembers fallen hero, Robert Rosas

With the U.S./Mexico border mere feet away, a memorial cross draped in Old Glory lies as a reminder protecting America’s borders is a deadly job.

Though the raw edge may have worn off since Agent Robert Rosas’s execution, Border Patrol agents clearly remain on high alert. Before the murder, agents traveled in their vehicles alone, now they travel in pairs.

With the memorial standing as a back drop, Agents don’t want American’s to forget Rosas.

The permanent memorial went up weeks after the murder of Agent Rosas. The large white cross serves as a reminder Border Patrol must always remain on alert.

The large American flag flutters in the afternoon wind, inscribed on Old Glory is ‘Rest in peace Rob’ and ‘God bless your family.’ Surrounding the memorial are mementos from Rosas’ children, a toy car, flowers and I love dad stickers.

The peacefulness of the moment gives one the feeling that even though Rosas is gone, he is still watching over this border.

There have been no arrests in the case and many believe the assailants simply scampered back across the fence into Mexico. “After talking with many Border Patrol agents as well as law enforcement officers, this dirt bag is in Mexico and he will never surface as he is probably already dead,” said Mike Schmid of Border Patrol Auxiliary.

Throughout the day agents stopped to check on this reporter to make sure everything was on the up and up, they drove up very cautiously and all were sad when thinking of their fallen colleague .

One agent wanted to make sure a picture was taken with the U.S./Mexico border fence in the background, “I want everyone to see how close the fence is and know this was an assassination.”

This agent explained that he knew the minute he drove to the scene what had transpired. This thought process would echo throughout the afternoon.

Working in the often harsh desert environment is another call of duty, one these agents will never take lightly.

For more on Agent Rosas’s death;


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