San Diego Sheriff’s Department in need of change

With the 2010 elections looming, informed voters are looking at candidates in their own backyard much more closely. Recently the San Diego Sheriff’s office caught a lot of flak regarding its decision to place military LRAD crowd control devices at town halls directly endangering American citizens.

Jim Duffy, who is running against current Sheriff Bill Gore, says this is another misuse of taxpayer money. “The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) was purchased to be used as a public address system.”

However, Duffy contends the Sheriff’s Department purchased the wrong equipment. “The LRAD was not intended for this type of use, it’s a very high-tech piece of equipment the military uses.”

There are much better ways to use money within the Sheriff’s Department. “It’s a chilling effect for town hall attendees to see a use of force. The Sheriff’s Department could have placed a number of cars a safe distance away rather than be so intimidating.”

Duffy also explains that spending $40,000 on a military device is not being a good steward with taxpayer money. “It is for these reasons the Department needs to implement a zero-based budget. This will allow for more accountably with the Sheriff’s office, something the resident’s want.”

Another glaring fact facing the Sheriff’s office is the fact they do not implement the immigration 287g law set up by the federal government to assist with immigration issues.

“This is a no brainer. We are the only major border county that doesn’t use that law enforcement tool,” Duffy said.

The fact illegal immigrants cross our borders and commit numerous crimes and continue to slip through the system should be a red flag to all in law enforcement, Duffy says.

Looking to the federal government, Duffy, who is a 27-year veteran in law enforcement, believes San Diego stands to benefit from a federal task force. “The recent murder of Border Patrol agent Robert Rosas, should be reason enough to look for more ways to curb border violence.”

Illegal immigration issues should be a common thread law enforcement agencies work towards. “This issue affects all agencies at some level and it is our job to enforce all the laws, not pick and choose,” Duffy explains.

Programs like teen explorers and neighborhood watch are very successful when it comes to bringing all communities together. “We need to get back to these types of programs to bring everyone together,” Duffy says.

“By actively including everyone in a community the Sheriff Department can foster good will and solve tough issues people in San Diego face on a daily basis,” he finished.

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