Symptoms of illegal border crossings include a Rape Tree

For those seeking to reach the promise land, the trek is rife with many perils, including a Rape Tree on the U.S.-side of the border near Campo, California. In the dead of summer, the throngs of illegal border crossers face heat exhaustion, long distances without hydration and a Rape Tree.

The U.S./Mexico border fence is only a 15-minutes away. It is here where females face the wrath of their coyote (smuggling) guides. The trail that leads to the Rape Tree is littered with plastic water bottles and female undergarments.

This is just another symptom of illegal immigration. Many think the majority of the illegals coming across the Southern border are simply here to seek a better life. Some are, but as the Rape Tree demonstrates, many are also in the U.S. committing crimes.

There are a number of illegals picked up by Border Patrol who have prior criminal records ranging from spousal abuse to murder. According to many Border Patrol agents, criminal aliens have no respect for the rule of law in this country, the Rape Tree provides evidence.

The winding trail that leads to the Rape Tree is riddled with large rock-and-crevice hiding places that make it extremely difficult for Border Patrol agents to track and find those crossing into this desolate region of California.

The border fence near the Rape Tree is virtually nonexistent (see slide show). The old fence is made up of sheets of metal making it easy to climb, but there isn’t a need to climb when illegal border crossers may duck under the flimsy barb-wire portion of the border fence near the Rape Tree.

Once inside America, illegals have already broken their first law, for many it will not be their last. As the remnants of the Rape Tree point out, the illegal aliens are likely to either be the victim or perpetrator of future crime.

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