San Diego ratchets up the heat on ACORN

Not waiting for President Obama’s signature on any legislation, the San Diego Board of Supervisors announced a joint investigation into Association of Community Organization of Reform Now (ACORN).

This investigation will center on voter registration fraud and why the state of California has failed to acknowledge San Diego’s Voter registrar request to look into 76 allegedly fraudulent voter cards.

Nearly a year ago, Deborah Seiler, San Diego’s Voter Registrar sent the California’s Secretary of State a request regarding possible voter fraud. That request has gone un-noticed by Secretary of State, Debra Bowen in Sacramento.

Since the release of video tapes by of ACORN employees in San Diego being complicit with illegal activity including smuggling 13-year-old girls into California to set up a brothel, County Supervisor Bill Horn demanded some answers. “We need to make sure they (ACORN) aren’t trying to skirt the law,” he said.

In a unanimous vote by the supervisors, the county has effectively set up an investigation of ACORN with the District Attorney’s and Attorney General’s offices. Horn expects full prosecution of anyone found guilty of breaking the law.

The dog-and-pony media show that ensued after the meeting was touching, as county elected officials wanted to be the first to let voters know they were looking into ACORN. What remains to be seen is if anything will be done a month from now.

California State Assemblyman, Martin Garrick-R 74th district said he intends to get to the bottom of this criminal organization. “I’m on the phone today to get a response from the Secretary of State. I want to know why it’s been about a year and nothing has been done about this fraud?”

In addition Garrick said his office would be “following the money to find out what, if any, money has been given to ACORN and how it was spent.”

However, Horn contends he “will turn up the heat on the investigation to get more done.”

Again, elected officials used this as an opportunity to underscore the need for California to have a voter identification card. “You need identification to cash a check or rent a video,” Horn said.

During the 2008 election cycle the San Diego Voter Registrars office had disposed of more than 4,000 fraudulent registration cards from ACORN leaving 76 to question.

During the weekly meeting there was some discrepancy as to whether ACORN was still operating in the county. It was stated that they have been cut from the voter registration process, but they still have an office open in National City.

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